Saturday , November 28 2020
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President Trump's rallies, Syria, and impeachment | Week In Review

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  1. Donald traitor Trump, Rudy colludy partners in corpuption

  2. Donald Trump's got his Halloween costume on early orange pumpkin, Rudy dressed like Dracula threatening people

  3. Very-very good Video…
    Forever Mr. Donald Trump.
    The Best President USA…
    Good Luck 2020 year…

  4. PRESIDENT TRUMP WILL BE VICTORIOUS AGAIN. Look at all the morons sniveling

  5. Little Donny Fail-Fail throws "Rudy Colludy" under the bus.

    Dang, Loser Donald – you're going to need a bigger bus.

  6. Little Donny Fail-Fail is scared and desperate now.

  7. Blue Tsunami coming, MAGAtrash. Are you ready for it?

  8. – – our government should not even have 2 teamgangs like the republicans and democrats !! – – That's a recipe for disaster !! – – We need to all come together in our government esp. and talk about things like mature adults. – having 2 parties like this is like 2 gangs going against each other and the focus should be more on the problems we have in our country and helping our people. ! – but with this 2 party dems and republ. – it's just setting our government up to have these two parties fight against each other and making it so that the general public gets fixated on picking one side or the other ! – like a gang ! – then some people loose their own thought processing and just want to "stand by " the partygang they are on….EVEN if they realize they are wrong ! – it is harder for them to admit it and change their views because they mentally are "locked into" this group or "party" and THEIR WAY of thinking ! – –

  9. Thank you USA Today for attempting to educate the people.
    We owe our freedom, in part, to the free press.

  10. President Trump is truly a great man who only wants whats best for hes people. Its so sad to see someone doing hes best and helping others to still be put down and had lies made up about him. Very sad. Im from Australia but dont worry even all the way over here through all the fake propaganda I can still see this man is a legend. Good luck Mr president and Gods speed sir 🙏

  11. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger!

  12. Dems have little to no chance pursuing Rudy for lawbreaking as the U.S. and Ukraine have a two decades long agreement that stipulates the president can look into matters of corruption concerning Ukraine and thus Rudy going overseas and operating in that capacity would not be breaking U.S. laws.

    When Trump was speaking with the president of Ukraine on the phone the aforementioned treaty was in effect covering Trump, thus he broke no laws.

    When Trump spoke with the president of Ukraine, immediately after asking for a favor, on the transcript it shows Trump bringing up Crowdstrike, not Biden, showing what the favor concerned; thus Trump broke no laws.

    The FEC has declared that information is not a thing of value, so when Trump asked China about info on Biden he broke no laws or U.S. codes.

    If there are no formal rules on impeachment as Pelosi contends then neither side has to comply with formal subpoenas, etc. If there are formal rules then both sides have to comply with subpoenas, both sides can call witnesses, etc. If this is a grand jury then a judge would be present but since there is no judge, among other reasons, this is Democrats playing fast and loose with terminology and thus Trump nor the WH does not have to comply until after a vote is taken.

    The Fox News impeachment poll is bogus as it oversampled Democrats by around 40% and undersampled Independents by around 60% with 48% of the respondents in the poll being Dems and 12% being Indies when Dems only account for around 34% of voters and Indies account for around 34%.

  13. And Trump wonders why he cannot receive a Nobel peace prize. .

  14. – – He never cared about religion or christians…he just knows that is where the money is. – – It's a rather large group of crazy minded religious people in our middle back-washed under-a -rock states….and trump realizes what he has to say to appeal to them. … get their votes. – – Plain and pathetically simple…..and the SIMPLE minded are falling for it. – – sad. – –

  15. – – if there is a heaven……i don't think trump EVER was welcome. – – i really don't think he EVER had a chance in getting into there. – –

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