Thursday , November 26 2020
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Presidential fight for Florida: The Latino vote

Frankie Miranda, president of the Hispanic Federation, discusses the importance of the Latino vote in the Sunshine State.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  7. I did my part in Florida to dump tRump, now do yours. It is over if Florida goes blue.

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  12. Vote blue, stop the insane republican nut jobs.

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  20. American Latinos are patriotic to their country. they will vote out traitor trump.

  21. Go out and vote Latinos! You can make a huge difference and United the country from this hell we live in. We need ONE nation for our children!

  22. It’s Nov 3rd the day that will define who we are !!!
    Still time to register online to vote 🗳
    Let it do it !
    don’t wait till 2024 do it today !…..

  23. Everyone knows Trump is winning in a landslide. His rallies are incredibly large and well attended. Likely there are many many more they couldn't make it out to them. People around the world support Trump and polls by networks not owned by the same corporate oligarchs who own ABC say the same thing. Trump landslide.

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