Thursday , January 21 2021
Home / News / Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany holds a press briefing at White House

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany holds a press briefing at White House

Live: White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany holds a press conference at the White House.

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  1. 2024 Madam president is fantastic

  2. This women is a slave of Trump period,

  3. This woman can become the First Lady president, she is doing a brilliant JOB! Go team trump

  4. Kayleigh is smarter than ALL OF THE LIBERAL PRESS but together!!!

  5. 상납않으면 오빠는 미팅ㅡoksy

  6. Omg these reporters are morons..

  7. Wow she beat that fool like he owed her money, an apology, child support, and restitution.

  8. Trump uoi got a good one in this lady

  9. What a mike drop . This woman is incredible and effortlessly outsmarts the gaggle of presslings . She is so very informative and confident all the while highlighting the blithering idiocy of the left . Very poetic in truth .

  10. When a woman is this smart and assertive it make me proud that I have two daughters!!!
    Woman power!!!

  11. Beautiful lady but so sorry no much breast

  12. i cant hear audibly when those journalists speaking through the saliva soaked cloth

  13. I am convinced Journalists are mentally vacant.

  14. she is perfect at her job. did Trump chose her himself? in any case: a good choice!

  15. I could be locked in a liquor store storage room with 1,000 loaded hand guns, a pallet of cyanide pills , a couple of tons of pot and a pound of heroin, cocaine, LSD, etc. and after 1,000 days I would not use any of it. I do not know where the idea that people when left without a job would go off on drugs and alcohol NOR that everyone is so mentally fragile they can not stand some time inside alone. It is the same with the idea that married or non-married people locked up in the same room will start beating on each other. The government and authorities have a TERRIBLY low opinion of the people they govern.

  16. Trump finally found a government employee he will hire when he leaves office to go back to the private sector.

  17. She holds control of the conversation, that is nice. A side point is that these comments are so exaggerated. People do not know how to use their words.

  18. You can tell on her first day that the media thought she was there for looks, but god did she blow them away.

  19. Great stuff – I'll be rooting for the Tampa Bay Rays this summer because of her.

  20. On what basis do americans think false eyelashes are 2020

  21. The liar in chief for the Liar in Chief.

  22. "The president made clear…"
    When has he made anything clear? Anything he says he can walk back on on moments' notice.

  23. "I would encourage all americans to make sure they're putting out correct information…" 😂👍🏻
    Says the person who's boss is Donald Trump. 👏

  24. She should’ve said about the mask why do you take yours off when the camera goes off and put them on when the camera comes on you tell me that I’ll tell you I’m not wearing a mask

  25. Called Smith/ Mundt propaganda act ovomit/ Biden changed in 2012!
    Time to change it back to no propaganda lies in America like before biden /ovomit administration of lies n deception

  26. Wouldn’t think a clone ( pence) could catch the virus 🦠 that’s funny might be carrier but not actively infected like real people
    ha ha ha what a joke
    pence is a clone
    replaced for treason n sedition scummmm bag

  27. Great Job kayleigh !!! Keep America informed!!

  28. I hate Trump, but she is the best thing he has ever done.

  29. So, I notice a trend. When Trump is accused of something himself, he accuses others of the same thing or gets someone to do that for him. Examples, grabbing kitties, spying/investigating political rivals, etc.

  30. Obama isn't even a US Citizen and needs to be prosecuted

  31. She looks like a backstabber

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