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Pressure grows for Congress, Trump to act on gun legislation l ABC News

Red flag laws designed to take guns away from dangerous individuals may be one of the only measures with a realistic chance of getting through Congress.

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  1. We already have background checks you morons!

  2. I guarantee he could give them everything they asked for and they would still bother him for everything else, he would go out as the best president ever if he gave you nothing! 90% of Americans are against gun control I have checked the like to dislike ratio on YouTube on all of these videos and every one of them are at least 90% against topic!

  3. these are a bunch of tyrants trying to take away from the law-abiding citizens of this country who never did a thing wrong this is nothing but trying to make a fool out of Donald Trump you want his face to turn against him and this is how you're going to try to do it it's obvious who put him in office it was a gun owners in this country

  4. Both sides are ridiculous and the fighting is usual so I know what to expect. But anytime they say something about being bipartisan I say uh oh…Try are about to take something from us.

  5. Make no mistake folks, Democrats & Republicans BOTH are playing (Good Cop/Bad Cop) with this new Red Flag Law! Take note how they laugh & smile with each other during this session on Gun Legislation😠

  6. I can't help but reflect on the words of Maxine Waters "If you see someone who works in Trump's administration, you get out & get some people & you go after them!" With that I move that she be on the (No Gun List) along with her security agents. They make me nervous.🤪

    I also encourage every spouse who is married to a member of Congress that may feel threaten by their husband/wife to REPORT them & have them added to the list of people who can not possess a firearm.

  7. Don't you let them take your freedoms away that's bullshit they're not going to stop there you fight God damn it you Millennials put up a fight for God's sake

  8. Trump recently said that he thought that background checks wouldn't have prevented the last several mass shootings. I tend to agree that's mostly true. Red flag laws probably about the same results. As long as weapons like the AR15 are sold to the public, there will be more mass shootings. It's the weapon of choice for killing a whole lot of people very quickly. Not really meant for home defense or hunting, it's really a very effective weapon for the battlefield. If you like the idea of your local mall becoming a shooting gallery, keep resisting any changes to the present gun laws. Next time there's another mass shooting you can add yourself to the list of those to blame. Just hope it's not you and your own family being the next victims.

  9. Red flag laws are unconstitutional and they strip Americans of due process and they will only go after those that legally purchase a firearm and have allready gone through a federal background check in no shape form or fashion would they stop a person that is going to break any of the numerous gun laws allready in existence that are not enforced properly and don't make sense the same laws that the average American such as myself the NRA and other civil Rights organizations represent have made studying a wAy of life just so I can avoid being çriminalized because I excercise my natural born right to never again be victimized to the point of leaving Baltimore because it was so hard for me to legally protect myself to Nashville but let's just forget about everything all of our ancestors fought and sacrificed for and accept tyranny oppression a victim mentality and you want my right to express myself freely you want my right to defend my freedom the two most basic rights we are born with oh yeah y'all did that it was called slavery and my second amendment that protects my first that Dr king Frederick Douglas Harriet Tubman and many others endured so I can enjoy ensured that slavery would stay dead in this country no due process you take my rights a tyrannical idea to re enslave no thanks

  10. No compromise on the second amendment !!!

  11. If the 2nd Amendment is infringed, my vote goes elsewhere. Due Process comes before taking anyone's gun away.

  12. Every member that served in the military is considered dangerous…

  13. Those that support the 2nd amendment need to speak up to this BS I don’t believe what they are saying that most Americans want more gun laws!!!

  14. God help us when these new laws don’t work???? Criminals don’t follow laws? Then what? Ban armslite rifles? And when that doesn’t stop criminals then it will be ban handguns???? Then rifles and shotguns????

  15. No Red Flag Laws Hidden Gun Confiscation Law!!!!

  16. Pass all the gun law you want it still won't change much!! You have to change the punishment for Mass shooters!! Stoned to death or some sht!! Something suffering long and painful!!


  18. gun law aimed at stripping away your right to due process. any law that violates our constitution is not a law and should not be followed.

  19. Gayest hall monitor faggotry to happen since jaywalking. Change my mind.

  20. Mass shootings are not a GUN ISSUE BUT A MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE..No laws will stop the mentally Ill from shooting people….Chicago..Baltimore..Washington D.C..have some of the STRICTEST GUN LAWS…HOWS THAT WORKING OUT…. Bad guys dont follow laws….

  21. Don't piss off any cops lol…red flag laws are an infringement against our 2nd amendment right.

  22. Red Flag Laws: IF targeted (eg, Facebook employee targets you cause of your posts or your post gets reported too much), then your free speech gets you "flagged" 1) spend thousands on legal fees + 2) take bunch of time off work to fight it — or give up your $500 gun which the constitution guarantees your right won't be infringed upon by govt.

  23. Didn't we learn our lesson from the drug war? You can't make something vanish by making a law. Lawmakers are useless. Arm yourselves, don't rely on the government to save you.

  24. Imagine Jesus saying to Satan " We need to get along; let's compromise and do a little bipartisanship"! That would never happen because good has nothing in common with evil. The Republicans, who are far from perfect, should never compromise with the Democrats. ( Republican and Democrat gridlock is actually a good thing! ) The Anti-American Democrats have never hidden their anti-second amendment position; they will do whatever it takes to remove ALL guns from every American ( except their own security guards, of course ). The only way they can do it is to recruit Republicans to assist them in their holy crusade.
    The problem is Republicans give in and support the Democrats ( thinking their bipartisanship will win them points with the voters ). The voters get mad at the Republicans for not being wise to the Democrat's tricks and then the voters do not vote for the Republicans. What many voters fail to see is; not voting for the Republican is the same thing as VOTING FOR THE DEMOCRAT!
    Don't get pissed off at the Republican and then opt not to vote for them, get pissed off at the Republican AND THEN TELL THEM YOU ARE PISSED! EVERY SENATOR HAS A PHONE NUMBER! IF YOU ARE MAD AT LINDSEY GRAHAM, LIKE I AM, CALL HIM AND TELL HIM!!!! Letting the Democrat get the vote ( because you did not vote ) is an backassward way of being a pro-second amendment American!

  25. Guns aren’t so much the problem it’s the guns in the hands of racist.give the racist a test before selling to them and if there into racist hatred mustn’t sell them a gun.

  26. Will Red Flag laws include severe punishment for those who lie? Will they let the accused be at the initial hearing? I doubt it.

  27. Trump must know that his base will flee him if he signs ANY gun control.
    Red Flag laws violate Rights without due process and are ripe for abuse.
    They will get good people killed by police.
    Graham needs to get his head out of his a**.

  28. Innocent until proven guilty. Ever hear of due process?.

  29. If we’re disarming the people, maybe demilitarizing the corrupt police departments as well. If you’re dept isn’t corrupt, you have nothing to worry about.

  30. One more law closer to disarming the people. Until it’s too late.

  31. If your flag is so great.why are the gangs still killing so many.

  32. Is Trump TRYING to lose 2020?

  33. 80% receivers. No Trace no problem

  34. Red flag laws allow the government to seize property in general with zero evidence

  35. Pressure from who? Not we the people..

  36. Fake News Media's constant attacks and lies about President Trump is triggering weak minded people to acts of violence. Something must be done to stop Fake News Media from inciting violence.

  37. Democrats: the government has literal concentration camps at the border!
    Also democrats: Only the government should have guns.

  38. If you are depressed, do not seek help because you will feel even worse after they take your guns. Got it!

  39. No due process……you guys…this is illegal ….

  40. So why do the states with strictest gun control laws have the highest crime rates and deaths involving guns. Why do most mass shootings take place in gun free zones..oh ya a criminal carrying a gun in California knows the law abiding citizens aren't armed and wont shoot them back. And no psyco is going try and shoot up a gun show because people will shoot back. People shooting back is a far bigger deterant than any gun control law.

  41. Freedom of speech = Wrong think = No 2nd Amendment
    I smell a civil war brewing

  42. So if I’m stalking a woman and she has a gun to protect herself,all I have to do is red flag her? This is awesome

  43. In Japan guns do not exist. The good guys don't have them and lucky for us, The bad guys don't have them either. If someone in Japan has the "intent" to kill, They will use cars or knives or poison… But the idea of banning that is almost comical. In America, The bad guys will have guns. They have access whether it's illegal or not. I can tell you ONE TRUTH. If Japan inherited America's criminal/illegal element, You would see them ARM THEMSELVES PRONTO

  44. throw Moscow Mitch out of office, support Amy McGrath (who is running against him) for Senate by going to her web site and giving her a dollar or more if you can. The NRA gives Mitch millions.

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