Monday , January 17 2022
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Preview of Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Ahead Of Opening Statements

The opening statements in the highly anticipated Ghislaine Maxwell trial are set to begin this week. Maxwell faces sex trafficking charges related to Jeffrey Epstein that could land her in prison for life.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Preview of Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Ahead Of Opening Statements


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  1. 100% guilty. She knew exactly what she did and what she was in charge of… Will she see prison time I doubt it! The epitome of 2 tier justice system.

  2. She ain’t going to prison. Her lawyers will argue that she has served 17 months already without ever having a trial and has also suffered abuse by the prison guards and staff. Its irregular to prolong a trial for an inmate awaiting trial, this was purposely done to create a mistrial and get her off scotch free.

  3. Maxwell House is going to get decaffinated

  4. Will they show the trial or is there way too many 1% perverts to be exposed?

  5. The USA is nothing but a house of cards ready to fall

  6. Is this trail going to be televised ?

  7. She's gonna tell on a few presidents no doubt

  8. All the whining Ghislaine Maxwell does won't help her. She's only making a bad situation worse.

  9. It's a battle between the names she can break and the names she can't. No suicide, but juicy salacious crap for months no doubt.

  10. Oh poor baby, she is an abuser but wants to be treated like a queen…😤

  11. Move on, nothing to see here…. LOL She'll get away with it…

  12. Rich people think they're above the law that Laws don't apply to them . Smh

  13. all these women just want money; they were doing the same things with poor men.

  14. Lil wayne is a defendant in her case…🤦🏽‍♂️

  15. I wonder if the propagandists will talk about how many times Bill gates went to pedo island.

  16. Wondering if The Clinton's are involved????

  17. Jizzwell Maxlaine apparently hasn't dropped any names which is amazing.

  18. Can’t wait to find out how many leftists visited Pedophile Island.

  19. Are you finally sweating now, Prince Andrew?

  20. Death penalty to anyone and everyone involved. I think that would solve a lot of our problems and maybe all of a sudden this fear mongering would dissipate miraculously

  21. The "Justice System" is crooked & just as guilty if they let her walk away or any of them.

  22. This is not a racially motivated crime

  23. As an employee of Epstein, she did things by order and not voluntarily. She is apparently a victim herself.

  24. Yeah Epstein killed himself. Sure you did.

  25. I wonder what kind of dirt Epstein had on Trump and Clinton. No telling what kind of pervs they are.

  26. I’d trade 10 maxwells to 1 POS Clinton and 1 POS Andrew.

  27. The covid Omicron variant is another lie to cover the Maxwell trial

  28. Former head of the fbi jim commey’s daughter is lead prosecutor. Do you think that’s odd

  29. She needs to start talking and naming names

  30. It's all just talk from "victims" wanting money. OTOH we have many actual
    VIDEOS of pedodent biden rubbing his hands over little girls. Why
    isn't he prosecuted?

  31. "I kept my underwear on". My favourite admission. I wonder if she will play the "blackmail tapes" card. Just mentioning them was Jeff's last breath. Someone has the tapes, and it's not law enforcement.

  32. Where is all the EVIDENCE the FBI took out of Epstein's Safe in New York

  33. What's the bet she'll suddenly be found to have "committed suicide"

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