Prices finally falling

Americans are finally seeing some relief at the gas station and while shopping online. ABC News’ Mona Kosar Abdi reports.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. let all prices drop so we can use more fuel end fly more beatiful for earth

  2. lmao yall really trying to get people to spend money. they have scaled down the size of most consumer products and/or swapped out for fillers and alternatives.

  3. Brace for more viruses..

  4. Personally I'm glad to hear, but I honestly just want my eggs and meat to go back to normal prices. I miss my $0.99 dozen eggs, I use to eat 6 eggs a day. I went from buying 12 dozen eggs a trip to 2-3 dozen eggs a trip.

  5. GAS prices going down because they giving immigrants licenses in NYS not to mention all that cheap labor they provide …licensing fee, insurance, fuel, maintenance, etc…the FED make up the difference by exploiting the novice blindly by FIRST putting them in processing center/holding camps using the federal and state amenities and the power invested in them in making laws that contract their own concentration camps aka JAILS (shelter, food, clothing, medical care, education, allowance etc) billion dollar operation …THE FED SHE BEHELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR TREASON TOWARDS ITS DUTY TO ITS CITIZENS THAT FORM THE AMERICAN SOCIETY

  6. Prices going down where?! 👀 $7 for cereal, $9 for mayonnaise, $7-8 for what used to be a $4-5 case of 24 waters. Where?! I've never been so stressed shopping for food.

  7. Naive people… prices fall during election. After election, what it increases again until 2024!

  8. my wallet is all beat up.

  9. These people are completely bought and sold by the elites… NOTHING HAS GONE DOWN! Are they that delusional?

  10. Thank God I saved that unemployment money during quarantine. Too many idiots thought they were rich spending it on items they seriously didn't need

  11. Chill out with that noise at the end of your videos please!

  12. I 100% blame the increase cuz of Biden being anti gasoline

  13. 💀😭🤣💀 Im sorry gas is what?!?!?! Still 5 plus dollars in Cali

  14. Prices don’t fall they just stop climbing

  15. Oh wait there’s an election coming up.

  16. Ukraine had a FULL shipment rejected earlier

  17. Gas is above $4 in NJ 🥲

  18. Republicans voted no on this.
    Thanks Joe biden! And Democrats!

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  20. I know Lays chips will still only be half a bag full….

  21. "could be"
    mmmmyyyeeaaahhh no

  22. It’s bc we are in a recession. People are spending less in general bc we just are unable to keep up with our expenses. These amoral CEOS and cooperation boards decided making only 115 million each and not 130 million for the year will have to do I guess.

  23. It's called a deflationary spiral…usually just before a big correction.

  24. "Falling" because midterms are right around the corner. We're not stupid

  25. No the prices are dropping to where "they" want it


    NEIMAN-MARCUS has lowered their
    prices on clothing to RETAIL!! 🤣

  27. ABC is democrat propaganda and not news. Inflation was 8.5 percent for last month,July only, on top of the years 9 to 11 percent. We are getting priced out of eating and democrats are successfully killing the middle class.

  28. Don’t be shocked if gas prices goes back up

  29. This is so bullshite prices are still high is going get worst when the food shortage came in December