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Prince Andrew issued a statement about Jeffrey Epstein

In the new statement Prince Andrew calls his association with Epstein “a mistake” and “an error.”


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  1. It's total bullshit and no one should believe his statement

  2. Well at this point, if anything, you almost have to believe anything the girls are saying. Outraged denial won’t work here.

  3. He needs to start answering specific questions, instead of skirting around the issues with predictable rhetoric. He needs to answer why he was a guest at Epstein's NY mansion, after Epstein was convicted of being a paedophile. He needs to answer why he was on board Epstein's plane on numerous occasions. Epstein paid off Fergie's debts, at Andrew's behest, Epstein and his entourage were hosted as guests at Balmoral. People need to start waking up and see what is really going on. The royal family are historically friends and harbourers of known paedophiles. If you need any more proof, that's Saville and Epstein; two of the most powerful and prolific paedophiles in history, both, coincidentally, very close with the royals. Still, neither Andrew or Maxwell have been brought in for questioning. Surely they would be able to assist with the investigations? Underneath the surface, they are obviously doing everything in their power to keep them from being pinched. Anyone else would have been nicked a long time ago.

  4. I love the photo……just two regular child traffickers taking a walk in the park! Turds!

  5. Royalty should be abolished , its our country not yours , piss off and leave the kids alone . All royalty does is move money around . Tax payers fund their lifestyles and royalty buy what ever they want for it . The tax payers are literally paying the bill for sex trafficking . Let that sink in .

  6. We do not forgive we do not forget. Long pig

  7. Prince Andrew rapes children

  8. Is he directly related to Edward vii?

  9. Then Andrew's pictures with the underaged girl and her accusations….mean nothing bcz she is not rich nor powerfull?

  10. Show me your friends and l will tell you who you are

  11. "I used to play with dolls in the presence of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). And I had girl-friends (playmates) who played along with me. They would hide (feeling shy) from him (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) whenever he entered. But, he (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) would call them to join and play with me" [al-Bukhaaree 8/95 #151, Muslim 4/1299 #5981].

  12. Like 54 year old Muhammad and 6 year old Aisha!

  13. The Royal family has a pedophile in their family. . . DUH😂😂😂. Family history shows murderers, back stabbers, incest, theft of other country's wealth and treasures, etc. And people are suppose to be shocked about a pedophile prince??😂😂😂😂

  14. Birds of a feather flock together. All these entitled rich Aholes knew exactly what Epstein was all about. Prince Andrew still associated with him after his conviction in Florida.
    A decent man would never want to associate with Epstein or his partner-in-crime Ghislaine Maxwell

  15. Eostein is not dead and Prince Andrew is a pedophile

  16. Prince Andrew participated in child abuse. If there is bounty on him, let me know.

  17. jeffrey did not take his own life.

    He sustained a broken neck

    which was not self-inflicted….
    prince pig got lucky

  18. Could there be a story on the parallel between Jeffrey Epstein and DHL co founder Larry Hillbrom?

  19. Just another Crown tv show material

  20. More and more lies those poor girls ruined for life he has the look of guilt Andrew you can run but you can't hide forever no-one will ever forget

  21. Prince Andrew said do you want some candy little girl as he waves cherry by, not a care in the world.

  22. How long are we willing to keep letting pedophiles molest our children and laugh in our faces?

  23. Epstein’s girls say he liked to have three of them a day. How could anyone staying at his residences not know he was so regularly having sex with the young girls that abounded in his homes? Unless the other guests were themselves too proocupied with the highjinks on offer for them.

  24. He’s a pedophile; just like the rest of the globalist elite

  25. The MI5 are fools for not protecting the royals from this travesty. Off with their heads should shout the Queen.

    Only the guilty hide behind their mother Andrew. Pervert pals ain't worth a toss Andrew (bin then now) should say the Queen.

    Say something Andrew, the statement given is not your own. Our playboy prince has been called a nonce without no comebacks from him. Well, it kind of notes the standards of white men in this now not great country.

    He should be effing and blinding in public to prove his innocence, but his not.

    A man who makes no answer, must be guilty. It's written in the law endorsed by your mother Andrew.

    Note: get ready for the law to be changed regarding sexual allegations of a criminal nature.

  26. I have no trust in the justice system in the United States. I get the impression the system is only setup for the elite and for those in power. I am curious to learn within a 8 – 11 year period how many federal judges turned down Brad Edwards request to re-open this case and how many people got paid to either shut down this case to protect Epstein clients when these allegations started to surfaced in 2002-2005. There are too many corrupt people sitting at the top who should be in jail right now. I feel America need to stop projecting this image of themselves being the best country in world and start fixing their own shit and start cleaning up this drug and sex trafficking mess once and for all. Its becoming an epidemic.

  27. !!OFF With His HEAD!!!

  28. He'll never admit it because I wee stretch behind bars would kill the pampered scumbag, everytime I see his face now I just see Jimmy Saville

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