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Prince Andrew regrets not cutting ties with Jeffrey Epstein a decade ago

Prince Andrew released a statement about his relationship and association with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.


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  1. It wasn't a statement from the prince, it was written for him by advisors.

  2. I bet he does, now that it’s all being exposed.

  3. Please don't let this story disappear!!! All involved need to be held accountable 😡😡😡

  4. Yeah he regrets it …… because he got caught.

  5. Mommy….the little tramp tried to seduce me….I barely escaped ….UNSCATHED, mommy….where's my allowance?

  6. He regrets becuase he got caught

  7. Prince Andrew is a pedafile. If he really didnt then why is he hiding. Epstein sent girls to him. Since hes a royal he csn have what he wants. He just wants that young pussy. He should be investigated. The queen is discusting for protecting her faggot son. Hes just a stupid rich bastard. Royal child fucker!!!!

  8. Like 54 year old Muhammad and 6 year old Aisha!

  9. The most salacious thing is that he likes sex pee. He wanted to be peed on and pee on people in the orgies.

  10. Really how many statements about "how appalled you are" and "how abhorrent it is" are you going to send before talking to the FBI ?

  11. The only thing that this pedophile is sorry about is getting caught or else he would still be raping children

  12. Prince Andrew , you dirty dog. And they need to go after madam whore for sexual rape of these lil girls also. She’s a filthy pig that needs to be behind bars.

  13. Alex Jones wasn’t crazy at all.

  14. The puke of York has said the best time to force yourself on a young girl is

    15 minutes after she comes home from school

  15. no the only thing he regents is getting caught

  16. I bet he regrets it. It was a mistake. It was an error. And now the whole world knows he’s a paedophile. The lawyers are coming to get him. This will be the death of the queen. The shame and embarrassment. The royal family are the laughing stock of the world. Plus everyone knows they were close to Jimmy Savile and other kiddie fiddlers a lot of whom she knighted. It’s going to finish her off.
    I think it’s time for the people to abolish the royal family and become a republic.

  17. All these ass holes are bread perverts

  18. To little to late as if you didn't know you indulged now take the Jail time

  19. Larry Hillbrom, co founder of DHL, a pedophilia, was covered up for a long time but did he know his end was close. Google larry Hillbrom and you will never think of DHL the same again.

  20. Well isn't that a bunch of fluff. Biggest sex ring operation ever, and every country washing it under the table. What a shame, these political people should be doing something about it. You can't say " well the leader is dead so let's just forget about it". That's how sick the world is. Just wash it away.

  21. Prince pedo should be jailed for life then guillotined then fed to the rats.

  22. Randy Andy is absolutely disgusting. I hope this sicko is brought to justice.

  23. How long are we willing to keep letting pedophiles molest our children and laugh in our faces?

  24. Why would anyone in their sane mind ever accuse a member of the British Royal Family ..One would need to be derranged to accuse someone of his stature of such an offence …

  25. Regrets not cutting ties with Epstein? How about, the advantage of having sexual access to all those young girls, made it worth while at the time. Bummer for you that your nasty proclivities are now public knowledge. Birds of a feather flock together.

  26. He should hire a professional Public Image to clean those bad impression about him, and the royals. He should make a convincing history and put the responsibility in the death guy. Considering there many pic of him out there with the girls, he should said that he didn't know they were underage like Epstein told him.

  27. He regrets getting caught and photographed, that's what he means

  28. Can't wait to see Prince Andrew's in the can.

  29. What a slime ball. I’m sure the queen will believe him I er the victims.

  30. So Andrew knew nothing about Epstein? Epstein's house was filled with child porn or both sexes and there was a painting of bill Clinton wearing a dress and high heels .. Pretty sure any normal person would know Epstein was a freak….. Markle was a paid w hore on Epstein's cruises Andrew needed a beard so Epstein gave him Markle ,.Andrew goes both ways like his dad …
    Why else do you think Elton John is their close friend Pete Townsend was investigated for child porn and other rock stars that had enough money to buy silence. one was friends with Michael Jackson (Hint) Movies Music tech industry etc
    Jussie Smollett proved the DNCLGBT connection which is anti white hence his fake maga hat story hence the reason Andrew choose a black wife.. Its part of the agenda… ABC is 24/7 anti white race propaganda… It should be called GAYBCDISNEY

  31. The prince knew who Epstein was and why he was there and it wasn't for tea and biscuits.

  32. Hey Andrew……Tick Tok..Tick Tok

  33. Down with the sax coburg monarchy. That's the royals true surname.

  34. Riiiiight! All this is a joke

  35. Doris Johnson v Randy Andy ☝️😷🇮🇪 welcome to the U.K.

  36. The girl he was waving good by to was IVANKA.

  37. Andrew thought he could stop his addiction but like most other addictions he had to keep coming back for more.  Only regrets his past hookups now that the cat is out of the bag.  The Royal Regime. What a laugh.  Royalty my ass.

  38. Does anyone else not think the queen had epstein killed so he wouldnt be able to implicate her royal family in his sick lifestyle

  39. Stop calling them young women. Pedo Andrew is a child rapist.

  40. What are you mixing shit fucking media. You all know very well what and how the royal family and their trips to Morocco where children are sexually abused, are doing. Even the royal family should be killed the way they killed in America in the name of Christ. in the most cruel ways, they must be killed, along with the newborn. Just like they killed Caligula and his baby in Rome. The seed of evil must already be suppressed in the feces.

  41. Mountbatten—Charles buddy Savile—Andy an' buddy Epstein–WHO NEXT!?!? Another 'annus horribillis' for auld Lizzie then!?!?

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