Thursday , December 3 2020
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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Announce Lawsuit Against British Tabloid | NBC Nightly News

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex filed the suit after the Mail published excerpts from Meghan Markle’s handwritten letter to her father that revealed painful details about their estrangement. The royals say they’re paying for the suit out of private funds and any proceeds would be donated to an anti-bullying charity.
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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Announce Lawsuit Against British Tabloid | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Freda Marty,
    Did yo go to school? Have you designed your own grammar, Be more explicit and truthful what I quote you have written,….I'm not dead… What sort of reply is that ,are you illiterate..

  2. Megan is not even near to Princess Diana….

  3. The UK is undercover RACIST worse than America I know I lived in one and was born in another. They truly hate Megan because she is a woman of color and they are jealous. Plain and simple

  4. They are not in pain……
    They are travelling for
    Free to go on vacations..
    These 2 parasites just
    Wants more$$$$$$$$$
    For their
    If their big humungous
    Home is NOT ENOUGH..
    let's sue the tabloids……

  5. Just corrupt elite globolists censoring truth and any negative press. They are pathetic and the fact they are good friends with CORRUPT OBAMAS and CLOONEYS who are involved in horendous crimes prooves this.

  6. Meghan is the most beautiful women in the world

  7. Prince Harry is a good husband and father. He is standing up for his wife like a good man should. I remember Princess Diana being hounded by the media all the way to her death. It is hard to see someone you love suffering like that. Sue them all Meghan!

  8. Yeah  get them lying jealous creeps   !!!!!  Get em Harry

  9. Dear Meghan, people want to see Kate because she is the future queen consort. You showing up and lecturing people comes off as nothing more than patronizing blather. Do yourself a favor and just smile and look pretty. No one wants to be schooled by your hip "wokeness". Trust me on that.

  10. What a man What a man What a Mighty good man you have. Meghan.I was so concerned for Meghan I always thought her brave to go and be the only person that admitted in the royal family to be a woman of color . I long thought if something were to go down that they would abandon her. But Harry has made me think otherwise. He sees her as his wife that just happens to be a black and white. She is his wife first and mother of his child . He loves this brave and beautiful woman. I truly believe nothing will tear them apart. He will see to it. God surely put these two together. He was not supposed to marry her. Alot of people are really upset about it. However there are more cheering you on. God bless you and your beautiful wife and child

  11. How did the tabloid find out the contents of the letter? If Thomas Markle gave them a copy then how can Meghan and Harry sue? The letter was his to do with as he wished. Besides, no one writes such a pretentious piece of crap to their own father unless they want it to be seen. I am over these two who apparently believe they are much more important than they are.

  12. Isn't a letter sent to Mr. Markle now his property that he can do whatever he wants with? Just asking. Not sure they will win this lawsuit. The father released the letter to the press.

  13. Yes they have no right to violate privacy

  14. good for you Prince Harry.take that you no who you are.

  15. Good for you Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan for standing up to the bullying & abuse! Enough is enough!!!!

  16. Meghan wants the royal 💰💰 but dont wanna follow a royal rule and she doesnt appear to be suffering shes got endless 💰💰 shes happy

  17. Please dont let it be the be best bully campaign lol she doesn't really do anything.

  18. Prayers to Prince Harry & the Duchess as they get thru this.


  20. Good job harry..go get d bad dogs!!..about time….you have enough load of proof..

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