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Prince Harry sues 2 major British tabloids for alleged phone hacking

The suit comes days after his wife Meghan Markle sued another tabloid for publishing a personal letter she wrote to her estranged father.


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  1. if they not getting enough attention then they will search for something..maybe next time they will sue the queen for not making them the prince nd princess of wales LOOOL

  2. Harry! Haven’t you realized yet what a trash of a whore you have married?

    Your mother was popular in a positive way and people and the press loved her. Your wife on the other hand is THE MOST HATED TRASH ON EARTH! Her sex tapes are out all over the Internet! Watch them with the queen!!

  3. i cant stand him but good on him that is just terrible

  4. These are not press, or new, or reporters and they're not PEOPLES these are bullies and stalkers . I DON'T BLAME HARRY ONE BIT! Silent is not golden these lier don't care about anyone's life someone got to take a stand.

  5. But its fine,when his witch calls them to say where they will be..shes a attn. hoe for a reason.harry your the biggest joke in the world now…try putting on the man pants for once…your both sickening!hillerys pr person?we know how shady she is&clintons are now set for life.hati anyone??

  6. He has everyones and anyone's phone hacked and now he wants to sue for what him and his family have been doing for years? GTFOOH Lil Princy Boy 😭

  7. People need to stop buying the trash.

  8. Meghan DID invite her father to be in the wedding. It was her father who chose to do those fake photos to "improve his image". Ask yourself why a person would feel the need to improve their image and that should tell you a whole lot. He says he had a heart attack and couldn't come. Then we saw photos of him carrying Kentucky Fried Chicken and a six-pack of beer to his car. Both of Meghan's parent was given a simple 5-word request – don't talk to the press. We see what happens when you don't and when you do. And, Mr. Markle and his other children who evidently either hate or are jealous of Meghan have done nothing but try to make money off of this whole thing, embarrass Meghan, and disrespected themselves. I don't think Harry has any intention of exposing his son to that mess. As for Meghan, people should understand that forgiveness does not mean you open yourself back up to abuse. Sometimes forgiveness includes moving on for your own mental health sake.

  9. First of all I have developed so much respect for you Prince Harry!! A man who stands on his feet to protect his woman is a true definition of a real man. Please God bring a man in my life who is like Harry.
    Thanks for being a good husband to Meghan and standing by her. May the good Lord continue to bless your beautiful family, in Jesus Mighty name.Amen.

  10. I say "good on them!". It's been disheartening to read all the cr*p the British tabloids come up with – and they are relentless. They are the absolute worse of what journalism is about. No wonder people don't have anything good to say about journalists – and the British press? Hyenas!

  11. Prince Harry, U continue the fight those Bastards that are looking to humiliate U and your Wife! Good Hunting Sir!!!

  12. Great Prince Harry. Go after the ruthless, lying, garbage British tabloids. They don't respect the rights of anyone!!!

  13. Freedom has boundaries. Personal conversations and letters are private and no one has right to put them in public without the consent of the owner. #vahklangtwo

  14. Why do I care if the Prince is hacked. They are in another world. Not the world I live in..

  15. Much respect to Prince Harry for defending his lovely wife's honor by setting a healthy boundary with the tabloid press. And so sorry for Meghan that her biological father continues to strike out with malicious intent towards his daughter whom he claims to love so

  16. Take revenge of Diana, your highness

  17. Daily mail prepare the £20 million fine damages for breach privacy act of 2018 UK,her lawyers already announced her 80% winnings the money would be donated to charities.

  18. This arse of a man is Harry Hewitt not a drop of Royal in him He should disappear from public eye an stop making an arse of himself

  19. Idiots! seeking attention.

  20. In the old days. Royals would have their heads in pike for treason.

  21. Maybe she should sue her dysfunctional family and dad for selling the letter. Boy it's no wonder prince william wasnt keen on Meg joining. Her family is really trash. Sister father . Both parents bankrupt. It never ends with her extended family. But sorry her father is to blame here. !!!!!

  22. Dianas death was caused by careless driving of a drunken security driver. It was shown it was Dodis car that side
    swiped a car when entering the tunnel yet Harry continues to blame the media. Diana was not even a member of
    the royal family when this happened. Harry and Markle are an embarrassment to the royal family.

  23. Good for him! Prince harry is playing his role as a man and husband quite well in this case. He’s protecting his wife. Good for him!

  24. Why is this bullshit being recommend to me YouTube? I don't care if they all burn together.( No offense )

  25. These magazine only keep in business because people buy that trash.

  26. I wish the press would block them completely. Don't want to know anything about them.

  27. Harry, Prince twit and duchess twat. What a pair. They deserve each other. They can't see their own pathetic behavior causes their 'problems' as they cry wee wee wee, all the way home…which is NOT FroggyEverMore mansion from what the neighbors are seeing…or not seeing LOLOLOLOL

  28. Who cares! 🤷‍♂️

  29. I'm so proud of you Prince Harry.
    It was way overdue. We stand beside you behind you in front of you. We are proud of what you're doing. The British press are obnoxious Hypocrites biracial haters. Throw them all to the streets in the underwears. Piers Morgan throw him to the alligators will that poisonous meat
    Congratulations Hallelujah
    God be with you
    Keep on Shining keep on smiling we love you

  30. I have read more than twenty inputs from various sources about the lawsuits the Sussexes are taking against the newspapers but when William threatened to sue any newspaper that wrote anything about his alleged affairs with Rose his wife's best friend nobody, and i mean nobody said a word let alone write an article on it. What do we call this? Selective journalism? When it is Harry and Mehgan, everybody has a veiw and all the time negative and incitive. The cases are in the courts, save yourselves time and energy, let the law take its toll. Honestly, the British media treatment of the Duchess is sickening. I think it is better the media leave them alone than tarnished their reputations. Enough really was enough. They could carry out their work without them and i think it has really come to that. After all, Anne does her work without much of the media hyper,!

  31. Are you kidding? Tabloids lie and attack famous ppl…hes no better than any others. That being said they should make it illegal for any lies to be published about anyone

  32. Afraid dark secrets will be exposed

  33. Murdock's paper. Murdock''s Prime Minister. Murdock's Brexit. Murdock's Fox New. Murdock's President. Murdock's world. Makes me sick to think about it.

  34. Media companies that trash Harry and Megan make themselves look like scum. I refuse to consume their rubbish.

  35. Go harry go i hope piers Morgan will be next on your list.👏😁

  36. Why does americans put this crap on there news here in ireland they not on news russia today hasnt or press tv or china news it like america has some strange fetish of them like they become reality tv lol

  37. Get em bro… I wish someone would sue Fox News

  38. Sue the FUCK out of them!get them physical to.Ashley and neomia.and so many more of them.and please dont forget piers Morgan!!!

  39. Harry is a joke. Him and his wife.

  40. Harry is obviously so jealous of William becoming King that he now wants to attack the Monarchy's biggest supporter – the press. Before Megain's arrival William Kate and Harry were a force to be reckoned with and now she has turned the brothers against each other. Diana would slap her.

  41. Stupid fucking wife. Should just ignore it and rise above it

  42. Must be part of Trump's admin.

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