Thursday , May 13 2021
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Prince Philip's funeral could look different due to COVID

Nile Gardiner remembers Prince Philip as a ‘truly distinguished’ and ‘greatly beloved’ figure.

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  1. Great role model> REALLY? What about his hatred for humanity? Maybe he will "come back as a virus."

  2. I do believe he was executed! That is why he is not having a state funeral!

  3. I just want to know if he buried any Rupees with him or any god cards.

  4. Nail it down in case he escapes out..
    ⚰ 🪒

  5. Funny how you cant have something as simple as a funeral for a loved one because "you might get people sick" yet boat loads of infected people are washing up every day and the government doesn't care.

  6. Condolences to the Queen and the royal family at this time of great sadness and loss.

  7. Meghan should stay away we don't want her here ,after calling RF racist . Stay away and good riddance , you Narcissistic woman .

  8. covid covid covid covid what a joke nowadays all , deaths are related to covid people cannot die because of age everything is covid covid

  9. The royal family are all racist towards african americans. white supremacists

  10. He got the Covid shot just like DMX did and they both died couple days later

  11. What a joke. Still spreading the fear. Call it a blm protest and everyone will be fine.

  12. Doesn't matter how powerful or wealthy you are…. then end still comes. RIP.

  13. He hated Humanity and wanted to come back as a VIRUS. His words. These people hate you.

  14. I wish you eternal life and peace in your steps into the everlasting universe Philip.

  15. The royal family are actors, hiding in their costumes. We are just a background to their reality. A pawn. We are their willing victims to create their fancy reality.

  16. This guy was executed for his crimes against children and humanity, don't let them fool you otherwise!

  17. What service did he do? He fought for power to their german relatives enemies they called war.

  18. Who cares made their money slavery and opium rest in hell as a virus

  19. oh for the love of all that's HOLY!! who the frick cares what his funeral looks like and whether or not its different because of covid?!?!!? I wouldn't recognize prince Philip in a line-up of random people at Wal Mart!!! what the heck does he mean to me?!?! seriously!! why should I care? I got my vaccine so I'm done with this covid crap anyway!!

  20. Everyone is tired of your China virus crap!! All this because Biden isn’t going????

  21. Good. There should even be a funeral after his comments. Who cares.

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