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Princeton physicist: There’s a ‘cult’ building around climate scientists

Princeton physics professor William Happer explains why he describes some climate change scientists as a ‘cult.’


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  1. The cult is The Most Holy Church of Climatology.

  2. "The normal CO2 levels have typically been measured in thousands of parts per million, not the puny 400 or so we have today, and the Earth thrived, so the idea that the Earth has never had high CO2 levels is completely false; most of the time it's never had such low levels as we have now." Princeton Emeritus Professor of Physics William Happer

  3. The only cult is the one Happer is part of, the cult of lying for the fossil fuel industries. For money of course.


  5. wow this site …i haven"t ever seen so many fools in one place [ in the comments] is this their breeding grounds?? remember this the coming nuclear winter is gonna be really hard on these people…sorry..

  6. heck they are only quoting scientist they are parrots so the wrong was first commented by the scientific community…..scientists the word means keepers of knowledge …my arse…think, people.

  7. dr goebbels
    if you want to tell a lie tell a big one and repeat it 1000s of times
    this is what we are subject to now
    its just a big scam to make you pay more taxes and buy newer cars and eat plants

  8. If the Global Warming Nuts were really concerned they would be speaking directly to China and India and the rest of the world. The US has Six Times better Air and Water than any country in the world.

  9. Of course, if someone is associated with Princeton but holds true to principles at odds with Fox’s agenda, that affiliation will be used to demonize him … hey Lachlan, didn’t you go there too?

  10. 500 smashed TV screens as we speak!

  11. " I especially admire scientists who do measurements" … hilarious.

  12. Global warming is about the greenhouse effect, which is the blanketing effect that CO2 has on infrared radiation. Nothing more, nothing less. Everything else is politics.

  13. 3 million years since co2 was this high.

  14. Only the Left would think of Politicizing the weather… Who knows what the next big thing will be..

  15. That's right catastrophic anthropogenic global warming is a huge scam. I'll be happy to prove it to anyone. I'll be more than happy to debate anyone, including scientists, that think it's real.

  16. My Grandfather grew up in the upper Midwest in the 20s and 30s. He told me stories of baling hay during 115+ degrees for over a month straight and how none of the "record temps" of the 80s were anything like the 30s. This religion preys on our natural sense of guilt and lazy acceptance of "experts". Corporations have been programming us into impotent helpless consumers, addicted to mindless pleasure seeking. They discourage any type of critical thinking, or self reliance.

  17. I am an old man but I know one thing. NOBODY CAN DO ANYTHING ABOUT NATURE> NATURE ALWAYS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Weather is caused by the big burning sun, solar wind, sunspots, solar minimums and maximums. California forest fires put up more co 2 than millions of cars.

  19. A man with character – much like Prof. Richard Lindzen of MIT. And the media places Al Gore and Bill Nye "the science guy" at the front of their reporting on Climate. Bizarre.

  20. Climate change is real and has been changing since the beginning of time

  21. It’s so hot must be global warming…. no tool it’s called summer !

  22. A few hundred years ago 100 % of scientists were convinced that the world was flat.

  23. climate is being push so the corrupt liberal can get more of your money they cant control the climate  if you want to make money get on the money train and tell lies about the climate for the liberal and get a paid for it carbon barby his well paid by tax payer for lying about the climate we will know that there lying in 12 yrs went everything is still the same only fool will believe the liberal

  24. The moon is made out of cheese, and 97% of physicists agree on that, although they still debate if it is cheddar or gouda.

    what do you say? you don't believe me? and you demand I prove scientifically that it is so ?

    well I don't have to since all those 97% of scientists agree, and they would know.

    Now you want me to Show you a list of all the physicists, and name the ones that agree , and also the ones that don't?

    I personally don't have that list , and wouldn't know who has it or where it can be found, but many people have told me that the 97% figure is correct.

    And btw; the media, most politicians, most academics and higher education administrators agree on the bell of cheese circling the earth, and about the 97% consensus, and they make sure that lunetics that believe otherwise are kept well away or are being removed from any position or public forum where they might brainwash the impressionable youths and simple minded citizens with their outrageous denial of science!

  25. Ever notice we all start talking about climate change and global warming in the summer when it's 100+ outside?

  26. It’s never been such low CO2 concentration on earth… is this what said?


  28. Start mixing the KoolAide… The biggest megaphone is Hot Air Al (I'm so Rich) Gore…who is not a scientist but an opportunist…

  29. We are going to be alright the climate is just fine and it will be fine for a long time

  30. I know its colder now than before that is why its called global warming

  31. Here is the bottom line: According to the last 800,000 years of temperature and CO2 levels that we have available, CO2 level increases do NOT create rises in temperature; it's the exact OPPOSITE –– changes in CO2 PRECEDE temperature changes!

  32. Climate and the earth has been changing for millions of years. Overpopulation, pollution and destruction of nature is more of a problem.

  33. You're as cold as stupid American society

  34. Science DOES NOT function by consensus!!! Once upon a time there was one man who believed the Earth went around the Sun-Copernicus. And more importantly when you here one of them say “the science is settled “ RED FLAG. Science is by nature never settled-you who are reading this are allowed to challenge the theory of gravity right now-I mean good luck, but you get the point. Pure Science is a self-correcting enterprise. Further trying to bully “deniers”? As far as I know science does not endorse calling skeptics names! This is what the left does-getting a clue? It all about control-I wish they would just say that instead of perverting science to their own desired end, though they won’t that’s fairly obvious to anyone with a brain. According to Al Goreleon who by the way has gotten filthy rich with his scam, we on the coast should have been forced to move inland already or else drowned. As if this is the first time Earth has warmed-what a colossal anthropocentric conceit to think we have that much influence! More likely variations in our orbit around the sun, the Milankovitch cycles, and so on. Finally it must be remembered-all the predictions come from the data THEY fed into the computers. All the variables are entered as if WE KNOW ALL THE VARIABLES!! The way they have perverted science for their own agenda-don’t trust a word they say.

  35. Cars and Internal combustion engines are needed in most peoples lives. Also high levels of electricity. We need to reduce electricity loads by reducing demand for power. One such technology that does this very effectively without undue hardship is the humble LED light bulb. Better housing insulation and passive housing could do likewise for heating requirements in more northern latitudes. The often preached sourcing food locally is not possible for many poor people and people on limited incomes but this is often ignored by the trendy socialites from California who preach climate action measures from a very privileged position climate wise without considering the needs of people in colder, damper and darker areas of the world. I fear that poor people in cold climates will be carbon taxed out of existence and left to die prematurely from domestic hypothermia and also will be taxed out of their cars. Not everyone can afford electric vehicles. Governments will need to retrofit housing to reduce demand for heating/cooling in existing housing stock and probably have to subsidise electric cars and invest heavily in public on-street charging facilities to encourage people to transition from ICE to electric. In countries such as Ireland with long distance commutes, low population densities and poor and often non-existent charging points outside our main cities, range anxiety is a huge barrier to widespread adoption of electric cars. Their price at €30k is too much for most people.

  36. The climate change emergency is a hoax fed to gullible society by self-serving activist interests

  37. Let me guess, every person commenting as a skeptic here, is a devoted Republican. Republican propaganda overrules science. This guy does not represent mainstream climate science. There are mountains of data supporting anthropogenic climate change. It's been recognized and accepted by the United Nations for good reason. Anybody who is still skeptical is cherry picking information resources. There is plenty of peer reviewed scientific studies on this subject, taking into account every possible scenario that's happened in the history of this planet, and the general consensus is anthropogenic climate change.

  38. You have to remember that most of the real climate scientists are not terribly articulate and are interested in scientific facts that are very boring. The cult is based around the people interpreting the scientific facts, usually extrapolating worst case scenarios, and usually based on a sequence of events that are most unlikely to occur, or because the results are misinterpreted.

    For example, the amount of water required for the seas to rise 6 inches, is not double the amount of the water required for the seas to rise 3 inches, due to the increase in the surface area of the water. It isn't a massive amount, but it is significant. Unfortunately the fear-mongers are actually doing the real scientists a disservice, because they are discrediting their work and reducing trust in what the scientists are really discovering about global-warming.

    The average person is not going to be able to wade through climate-change papers in dry scientific journals. There really is an opportunity for a news organization that can interpret this kind of scientific data and report it honestly. Unfortunately, I credit neither CNN or Fox with the integrity, nor the intelligence, to do that.

  39. "The world will end in 10 years," yet they're still opposed to nuclear. Lol.

  40. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13 is to: "Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts" and unfortunately the leaders of most UN member countries are taking action.

  41. Told ya. Global-warming is a scam. Bums to the wall. Put a mousetrap in your wallet for a big surprise when the gubberment sticks their meathooks into it to steal your money to change the weather. Utterly preposterous!

  42. After reading below me, I find the truth is getting out. The truth and a good switch is how we defeat democrats. And remove the democrat diesease from every aspect of America.

  43. It's a cult alright. There called democrats.

  44. Going into a grand solar minimum happens every 200 / 400 years crop loss famine monger minimum 1600 Dalton minimum 1800 eddy minimum 2020

  45. 97% of climate scientists agree on man made climate change. Now if you actually read the papers you will know that that 97% turns out to be a grand total of 93 climate scientists! Essentially those who use 97% are in fact badly twisting the truth!

  46. One burst of a super volcano and we are all toast

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