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PRO Act is most significant ‘change in labor law in nearly 75 years': Scalia

Former Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia discusses proposed legislation, unemployment rates in blue states and worker freedoms. #FOXBusiness

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  1. If they crippled a company they have a grievance Against by striking against its suppliers I hope it goes out of business and they all lose their fuking jobs they can be replaced I find competition in countries where they don't tolerate unions..🇨🇳 and that goes for the suppliers and the jobs there too! Go look for your Ubi or A welfare check


  3. They aren't interested in worker freedom. They are interested in power over workers. Now it all makes sense.

  4. Who does not know after all these decades unions only exist for their own board to have power, its never a advantage for the member workers.

  5. Dang if this passes the employers are going to be really really making sure they hire only the best and screening who they hire big time.

  6. Ca Governor couldn't begin to answer why the diff is unemployment rate state vs. Nat'l…he's not capable!

  7. The reason I don't belong to a union is because unions support Democratic policies I don't believe in. Joining a union should be a choice, and not a requirement.

  8. Liberal politicians say they want to help workers, but they are really helping the Mexican, Chinese and Vietnamese companies.

  9. The Scalia family has always looked down on and hated American workers.

  10. Love the topic hate that opener brother I wouldn't have started with the right to unionize right to repair…

  11. Seem the Democratic Party is determined to prove that socialism doesn’t work even if it destroys America.

  12. The additional unemployment benefits are stifling the economy in California and New York. We will make more in unemployment than they did working. Add to that they have all their free time

  13. Unions had their purpose in a time when labor needed to be protected and worker movement was limited because of a corporate environment created by an addiction to mass production.

    However today there are so many different choices available, movement by and large today is limited mainly by someones will to change their situation in life, with some exception of course. Still, dont forget how the union all but destroyed the US manufacturers, and I'm being very specific because I dont mean the workers themselves but the greedy unions who pretended to act 'in the interest of labor'. One need only look at the south where many foreign auto manufacturers have set up their factories and produce quality automobiles without union meddling.

  14. And the PRO Act is even popular amongst Republican voters, the GOP is DOA.

  15. All workers will be slaves under this bs

  16. It's only the fruits and nut we put in charge

  17. Let me understand this now, you cannot work W/O being in a Union, but we can flood the boarder with CHAEP LABOR.

  18. I know several people who think that the mafia no longer exists. I'm always thinking these people are so naive.

  19. Creepy joe getting some back door cash from the mob now?

  20. Unions are useless these days Folks can handle their own grievances better than unions But most unions push voting for democrats Its about making more folks democrats voters Nothing with caring fie the people If government can’t control some folks They feel unions will control the rest of folks

  21. The last time we saw such big changes was when CCP took back Hong Kong.

  22. YouTube and Google finance Democrats & Rinos. Thank you, Trumpers

  23. Discouragement to work, therefore they institute Universal basic income. If you're on the government dole, you're welcome to the "new" slave state.

  24. During my 43 year working career I was a member in 2 different Unions,. So I can honestly say "By and large, Union workers are some of the biggest knuckle draggers on planet Earth!"

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