Thursday , November 26 2020
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Pro-democracy protests spread in Hong Kong l ABC News

Some of the biggest pro-democracy protests yet are spreading throughout the city as reports emerge that one protester was shot amid the chaos.

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  1. So sad to see these kids are prepared to die for human rights!
    They will do whatever it takes for their FREEDOM!

  2. septem peccata mortalia who???

  3. The Democracy and Freedom cult is collapsing, look at USA, just want to genocide and control, don't know how to develop with peace.

  4. Less and less Democracy and Freedom cult member on street in HongKong.

  5. Even if they were separatists, you don't end a debate by shooting your opponent. The protesters are making dumpster fires, and the cowardly police are shooting live rounds. Hong Kong Freedom fighters will not stop until they are free. Screw the totalitarian CCP, screw their disgusting system.

  6. They are VIOLENT SEPARATISTS, not PRO-Democracy. The MAJORITY of Hong Kong people DO NOT APPROVE of these protestors, which means the DEMOCRATIC will of people is ignored. Why isn't ABC covering the PRO-DEMOCRACY protests in Barcelona and France???? YOU FILTHY DISGUSTING FAKE NEWS. If this was happening in America, these separatists would've been killed by now by the police.

  7. The person who got shoot deserve to be shoot.

  8. Do not call them pro-democracy protesters. They are rioters, they are simply destroy the city. Western madia are such hypocrite. All of reports about China and Hongkong are double standards.

  9. 70 th Anniversary of Totalitarianism. Aside from leaching off our economy and stealing our technology for the last 50 years, there are four main accomplishments of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) in China. These are: 1) The Chinese "cultural revolution" which executed countless traditional Chinese and destroyed China's rich heritage. 2) Tiananmen Square, which slaughtered hundreds of Freedom seeking Chinese. 3) Organ harvesting from inmates in their many prisons and others and 4) The murder of Tibet. This is the future the Democrats and RINO sell-out politicians have in mind for us.

  10. What about the cops over here in the US that kill people for less?I feel for people that actually fall for propaganda from the mainstream news.

  11. I feel like an idiot for thinking Hong Kong was in Korea.

  12. The police should be allowed and have had shot earlier. Just like in USA. Shoot upon rioters endanger another's life – including that of a police. Hong Kong police way too restrained.

  13. Rioters, not protesters. And very violent rioters.

  14. It‘s a fight for Hongkong independence,like Scotland or other similar cases in Europe. HK was rent by Britain 120 years ago,they return to china in 1997,HK being raised in a rich adopted family,they cant accept being part of poor inferior chinese again,so they protest for a demoncracy with vote for anti-china governament,which Britain never give HK this right plus send a british governor to rule HK for last 100
    years. A lot of Britain and US flag in the protest,they just want to be part of the rich and superior family.After return to china,HK is under one country two system without any governor from china but organize the government by themselves,part of HK people just dont trust the government and dislike china anyway,so they protest with sponsorship from U.S for utimately independence which HK is so tiny cant live without water and electricity supply from china.

  15. Trump have to send troops and the us army

  16. Should of shown the whole video. Cop came into the crowd of protesters with gun aimed. Hardly self defense.

  17. “If we burn, you burn with us” – Hongkongers”. “Durrrr MAGA MAGA durrrrr” – Americans.

  18. The violent rioter struck the fore arm of the police with a rod before the police opened fire. See the slow motions:

    Even the police's sleeve was struck and flown up.
    Some people on the internet suspected that the police's reaction was an auto response to the strike landing on his fore arm.

    If we watch carefully, during that moment, one of his colleagues was on the ground beaten up by a bunch of rioters.

  19. Shoot as long as you can hk police

  20. HK built by British 170 years. China criminal party country only 70 year. Liberate HK off china criminal party world's largest most evil thuggish nation. Today HK, Tomorrow will be the world suppressed abused robbed by china cirminal party commies.

  21. there's no "innocents",its only coms and democrsts.

  22. When people don’t understand the importance of protest in 2019….

  23. See how violent the rioters were today in Yaumati area beating up policemen with metal rods while police didn't even have shields or helmets.

    When every police got back in the patrol car, they found one of their colleagues still on the road being attacked by a bunch of rioters with weapons. This was the situation in which the police should have opened fire, but he restrained.

    The policemen got off the car to rescue that police and were pretty much fist fighting with rioters 30 times more than their numbers. In the chaos, police opened fire, but the rioters still continued to attack the police. This shooting scene was not the same area as the one being reported.

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