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Pro-democracy protests turn violent as Hong Kong airport cancels flights again | ABC News

Protesters, angry that their demands aren’t being met, blockaded entryways with luggage carts and targeted airport officials and police, at one point even detaining a reporter for state-run media.



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  1. They were not pro-democracy protestors, they were rioters seeking Hong Kong Independence.

  2. Yet among all the chaos, you don't see any people jumping on cars, breaking into stores & looting, & lighting cars on fires. American riots are so different. We truly are a violent nation. It's no wonder why there is so much school shootings here.

  3. Referring to my previous comments, I like to elaborate further the proposed extradition bill that triggered the so called "pro-democracy" protest, actually included Taiwan, Macau and China, the only three places where Hong Kong has no extradition treaty in the world. That's how this Hong Kong man managed to murder his pregnant girlfriend in Taiwan, and escaped death by escaping back to Hong Kong ! The proposed bill grant extradition only if the same crime is also punishable under existing Hong Kong legislation, in jail term of 7 years or more. This is very serious crime against humanity. Your reporting distorts, inflame, generate hate against China, and encourage criminals harbouring in Hong Kong ?

  4. You are not telling truth. Shame on you.

  5. Is there a fair news in this world? God?

  6. typical Yankee's style, "to put on full support" on other countries's subjects….. Although China is not Vietnam or Iraq.

  7. 刚翻墙不久,终于明白了为什么要有这堵墙,要是没有这堵墙,中国应该和叙利亚伊拉克一样,早就被欧美搅和一团糟了。











  8. Real freedom😔hahahaha,What a fucking freedom!

  9. Fuck Trump! America must always uphold Democracy! Give us liberty or give us death! Hong Kong is fighting for basic human rights! We must support them

  10. The UK should send a vanguard class submarine off the Chinese coast, make it known its there (just on manoeuvres of course,) then the PM should have a word with the CCP about the constitution they signed with the UK in 1997.

  11. The reporter was not just tied. He was tortured, gang beaten and the rioters even try to burn his eyes with laser pointer. The whole ordeal was broadcast live!

  12. These people just dont fucking get it all these rallies and shit wont work nothing will fucking happen so stop bothering others lives in airports I mean like wtf what did the people on the airport had to do with you some people just want to get back to their countries so sit yall asses back in your houses because nothing will happen

  13. ABC , you are protecting the criminals in Hong Kong by demonise China and mislead people. China can be brutal and please do not be antagonistic, you are not the one who will face the China central government. The west, spearheaded by USA and Britian have used Gullible people as sacrificial lamb for political purpose. I fear for these innocent young people who are clearly misled, may pay for the ultimate price.

  14. ABC, shame on you, you call it "Pro-democracy protest ' ! This people protesting about a proposed bill to allow extradition of people from Hong Kong who have committed a crime in another country including China, only if the crime is also punishable under existing Hong Kong legislation exceeding 2 years jail term. Did you know that what triggered this bill was because of a Hong Kong man murdered and dismembered his pregnant girl friend in Taiwan, and escaped back to Hong Kong. Taiwan cannot request extradition due to lack of extradition agreement. Hong Kong ended up charging this person with some misdemeanour because the murder wasn't committed in the territory and got off with few months of jail term. If the same crime is committed in Australia, the public will demand blood, come on, do your journalist duty fairly ! You need to sack the reporter, clearly superficial, bias, pretend to be knowledgeable and righteous.

  15. Two people, not just one as ABC mentioned, were held hostage and beat by the protesters at the airport. ABC needs to get the fact right.

  16. Viva hong kong brave people

  17. prudential hong kong = son of a bitch

  18. and of course the west medias are not gonna tell you that those rat protesters attacked tourist and reporters in airport

  19. What a bunch of bias and prejudice bullshit. Spy ?! Lol he's a reporter who's been beaten by those crazy ass protesters that's got nothing to do but cause chaos. HK police is just doing their job

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