Wednesday , August 10 2022

Professor Charged In Teen's Death In Georgia

Investigators say Richard Sigman, 47, fired several shots after an argument, hitting Anna Jones, who was sitting in a nearby car. WXIA’s Karys Belger reports.

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  1. If you get that angry that fast,just walk away. Think before you react. It could mean the difference between freedom or prison.

  2. WE need more details about the story to judge.

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  4. Guns in cars…."I'll be bach."

  5. How can anyone get a gun in USA ? why not make strict mental tests and background checks ?

  6. Why arent they dragging the murderer?

  7. Maybe this was self defense, but don’t expect truth from media

  8. I'm a man and I realize a lot of men are actually big fat women and lose their s*** so easy I've seen it so many times. Give that giant Mama's Boy a Gun so he feels tough defending his rights etc. I only got them for a little while I'm never going to buy one again. I'm not scared of anybody. I might not win the physical fight but I know I will f**** a guy much bigger than me

  9. So he shot at a vehicle that had nothing to do with the argument ?

  10. It was an accident people. Stop whining about guns. You're never going to take my guns away.

  11. By the by to all complainers you can be silent , miss me with it . Let’s be serious you the millennials have intentionally vote for the most divisive, hate inspiring , anti American leadership , in both the democratic and republican parties you entire lives , you whine now about how “ bad it is” , I remember y’all saying from both sides that this era was the greatest in history along with your patriot act singing presidents. You elect bad leaders ,you deserve bad lives.

  12. anytime these “people” commit crimes they act like “oh he was such a good boy he would never do something like this” yet people keep dying because of them on the daily and apparently its not a problem

  13. May the young girl rest in paradise 🙏✨

  14. What is wrong with people?

  15. in a country so expensive in basic needs, where you need community donation for funeral expenses
    You can't even Rest in Peace in America

  16. Well, poppin' is, what poppin' does!

  17. Aaand ofcourse a gun is involved. If people have to resort to guns for stupid minor conflicts, it just goes to show how weak and wussy they are.

  18. Will the news ever return to reporting on motive, or is it all just ad containers now?

  19. She deserved it for acting Rudely,

  20. What? This story is so weird? Did he have an argument with the girl he shot? It's so vague. Or did he get kicked out of the restaurant, went to his car, and started shooting randomly in anger, accidentally killing the girl? What is the cause and effect of events? This story is so poorly written.

  21. I love nice, sweet, southern black women 😘💕💕💕💕💕 Those 2 in the beginning, whoooo

  22. Gofund me to help with funeral expenses?! WTF is this country, people don't have enough money to afford funerals!!!

  23. When a legal gun owner commits murder with their firearm.

  24. Are the shooters always a nice guy?

  25. what did he profess at the uni ?

  26. Must be a white man because they forgot to show his picture

  27. what do you expect? its a G un Infested count three after all…

  28. I wouldn't be mad if the world ended today.

  29. people are getting crazy with guns holy

  30. "He was just a real nice guy", yeah that's what the victim's family wants to hear

  31. I sincerely pray for her mom and dad. I hate they have to experience this kind of grief. Bless them. And that poor young lady…so young. Did not deserve this at all.