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Progressive House member ‘quite confident’ infrastructure bills will pass

ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with Rep. Mark Pocan, D-Wis., on President Joe Biden’s meeting with progressive members ahead of a vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill and spending package.

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  1. Progressive=COMMUNIST
    …and everybody knows it!

  2. Progressive means communist

  3. It’s to bad the media is so super hyped on these bills waiting to be passed,all they do is make the American public anxious.I’ve always believed in a free press,but this 24-7 cycle of anxiety we are experiencing sucks,I can shut it down for a few days and not get upset.Lots of people are obsessed with any reason they can to bang the gong at the president and Democratic Party for not doing their job, congress ,whoever is in power is always slow,I think all journalists and cable news should all take a two week vacation all at the same time,your driving America crazy.Freedom of press yes,but not at the expense of our mental health 😵‍💫😵‍💫🤪😜☺️

  4. Why haven't we the people taken action and executed these leftist traitors en masse?

  5. The bill has this in it … directs DOT to establish a pilot program to demonstrate a national motor vehicle per-mile user fee to restore and maintain the long-term solvency of the Highway Trust Fund and achieve and maintain a state of good repair in the surface transportation system.

  6. Marxist takeover of the country. Your life will change forever. Big thanks to all the morons who voted democrat!

  7. the people who have problem with the bill are zombies who have no logical argument they watch corporate corrupt media who are working for the big companies and why these are spreading false news regarding the bill is cause after passing and becoming law rich people will pay more taxes for the average people but who will make these zombies realize that.

  8. "people have to refresh their remedial math skills from elementary school" I think it's more along the line of we need to refresh our basic economic skills…. There is no such thing as a free lunch people

  9. Guy looks like a psychopath can’t stand the left.

  10. lol ABC calls wokenazis progressives

  11. This is as dead as the DNC's big hero Karl Marx. I would book bets they this is Polling more against then for. What Senator or Representative wants to go on record Supporting something America wants no part of.

  12. So President Puddinghead just released over 6000 Haitian “migrants” into the US. Why were they not required to take the vaccine?

  13. Look at this fucking weirdo. Would you let your dog near this guy?

  14. the big lie " this bil doesn't cost taxpayers anything'. Too funny.

  15. the rich get richer when Dems are in power.

  16. Two people hate this bill:
    1. Rich people
    2. Boot lickers of the rich.

  17. Democrats want our economy crashed.
    They are open traitors.
    If your teen overspent then demanded you take out a second mortgage to pay for their idiocy, you'd laugh in their face.
    Democrats OWN this crap, Mitch is right, do NOTHING to support them.

    They have the power on their own to raise the debt ceiling as Democrats control it all.
    The decision and RESULT is on them; Republicans won't rubber stamp their idiocy.

  18. Just imagine if someone kept coming up with ideas.. good or bad and got push back even on the good ideas. Can't give them one good day ever. No matter what. That's the way media handled the Trump presidency. Why should this one be any different?

  19. This bill won't pass 🤣🤣🤣 carbon footprint tax in this bill will go up 700%

  20. Democrats are trash. Vote them all out

  21. He had the "crazy eyes" … don't let him near a school!

  22. Biden the clown Media fools 🇺🇸🪖

  23. Youtube’Google’ is now deleting and flagging accounts and comments that accuse them of bias and suppressing freedom of speech… LMAO

  24. If we don't remove this dictator in Chief and his Communist Regime pretty soon there will be no more America.

  25. Question to those lawmakers is did JoJo tapioca Biden stay awake for your meeting. Don't swallow his infrastructure bill. Democrats who vote for that huge bill should never be in the legislature again. Public pay attention

  26. Fake body language, he's scared!!

  27. Msm and .gov guilty of sedition and treason 100% fact checked by the American people!

  28. The hundreds of Congress men and women are not the American people you're a snake your weed that needs to be plucked you racist POS party

  29. Keep finding excuses to try and give people the idea it's Republicans bias instead of you having insane policy

  30. This war on the unvaccinated is the war on minorities 57% of the unvaxed are black that's not including all the Mexican brothers and sisters and u support this dem voters but ur not raciest though how pathetic Jim crow in disguise it's f'n gross shame on u raciest people

  31. What about unemployment extension

  32. Infradestruction of America

  33. Get raitoed Dems are getting comment rapped on yt I love it this lien snakes in the grass raciest POS

  34. This snake is such a lier the American people do not want this at all I like how ur talking about 100s of Congress wanting this ignoring the actual people who's money ur wasting climate change is a made up talking point the world goes through cycles we have proof of that nice ur all ignoring THE SCIENCE ur talking about little things getting a reduction what about the important things in that garbage bill that hinders us hikes in timber food gas heating ur house ur bad actors I can't wait tell ur out of the white house u are weeds that need plucked from the garden u lie and manipulate ur wasting OUR TAX MONEY not ur own ur all pathetic af

  35. Pass them both! Republicans get to pass out your hard earned money for free to corperations again and democrats get corperations to FINALLY start paying their fair share to help raise the social safety net for everyone!

    In short both sides get a little of what they want!

  36. Infrastructure bill: Where not even 40% of the bill is on infrastructure.
    Of course it will go through, given their control.

  37. Did you guys give in to the squad? Is that why it'll pass? As long as we don't buy Iron Dome from Israel?

  38. Pretty sure this bill isn't going to pass, nobody even knows what the hell is in it.

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