Protesters block French highway, garbage depot over pension reforms

Pension reform protesters stepped up their action in France, setting up blockades and clashing with police. Last week, President Emmanuel Macron’s government bypassed the lower house of Parliament to push through a deeply unpopular overhaul of the pension system that will raise the retirement age from 62 to 64.

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  1. As a Frenchman, the retirement age is not the main problem… I love my job, I could do it all my life.
    It is the fact that we have no choices, they used the "49.3" article.

    To have a text adopted without a vote by the National Assembly, the Prime Minister can engage the responsibility of the Government by activating Article 49.3 of the Constitution. The bill is then adopted if a motion of censure against the Government is not passed by the National Assembly. Conversely, if a motion of censure is passed, the Government is overthrown and the text rejected.
    But so far, the motions have all been defeated.

    Macron's government is a cancer for our country, many consider him the worst president since Charles De Gaulle.
    They sell France to foreigners, they plunder the people. This is what explains the various revolts such as the "Gillets Jaunes".

    Democracy is just an illusion.
    People are never consulted like the Maastricht treaty, like the weapons that we send to Ukraine, like the nuclear power plants that they closed etc…

  2. Wow. Smh Look at all these thugs blocking the roads and littering streets. They shouldn't blame anybody if they get ran over.

  3. this isn't enough.. the French people will have to do more.

  4. I received a transfer direct to my bitcoin wallet from Maskoffaid they credited me 0.2btc today

  5. I received a transfer direct to my bitcoin wallet from Maskoffaid they credited me 0.2btc today

  6. The pension age in the UK will be 70 very soon. The English except anything! Power to the people. Well done France!

  7. I understand they want to protest. Why should average people suffer because of that? They did not raise pension age! Why block highway? How does that affect macron or his cronies?

  8. Western democracy: well if the people don't like it, we will pass it anyway and then have the media paint the protests as terrorists. Oh and BTW, do not forget to attend our annual conference that exposes how Russia and China are "threats to Democracy".

  9. Ukrainians now are saying Slava la France ! 🤭

  10. Those who distorting the city are not real French.

  11. The elite eleges contemporary Hitleres and Mussolinis to make us to fell that Macron and similars be angels.

  12. I know that the French Revolution is a historic landmark for world economy and politics, just as the Independence of the USA was for pre-revolution France. And that not every Frenchman was on the left of the civil war. So I don't have hopes that the whole of France is in favor of those who really get their hands dirty and work. But I congratulate those who went to fight. The so-called French "reform" (a deformity, actually) was less inhumane than the Brazilian one, and yet you showed who really should call the shots about resources, products, services, companies and structure. Whoever works is the worker! Not bourgeois.

  13. So the media calling them "insurectionists" yet?

  14. The irony here is the police officers are doing their job to stop the very people who are wanting to ensure the police officers retire with a pension

  15. Show us the way France.

  16. Stand up and fight! The US is soon to follow

  17. French is dictator ship now!!!!

  18. All these liberal governments need taken down a peg or two. When they pull unlawful stunts like this the people leading it need some alone time in jail. Maybe then they'll learn to appreciate freedom.

  19. In the US , they raised to 67 …

  20. How many French remain in France. When was the wave of 2 million polish plumbers?

  21. It’s supposed to be a democracy, so why isn’t Macron listening to his people

  22. Don't blame them stand with them …

  23. I am surprised to see that the media did not level up by saying that this is happening in Russia!

  24. Justice for the peoples justice

  25. Justice for haiti justice for president jovenel moise justice

  26. Sounds like French Fries are done 😊

  27. You will never see anything like this in the United states. United States of cowards.

  28. Nice to see that the French people do not fear their government like Americans do. America is a Gestapo state.

  29. We need NESARA/GESARA where the old ppl get more than they do now, not less. They already can hardly live on what they get. they gave their whole lives, blood, sweat, and taxes to this pig. And let's not forget that everything has been a secret for decades, which isn't informed consent. The jig is up.

  30. Viva la France 🇫🇷.. send ur beauties to us

  31. It is over more than pension reform. Msm lies

  32. If they keep protesting , they will be to tired when they reach retirement age 😅

  33. 😂😂😂 French people are ridiculous. People are living longer and costing more. The retirement age should be 65-67 and the amount taxes taken out should be higher

  34. Macron will soon be driving an Uber for a living

  35. Socialism at work. It always ends this way.

  36. They complain about retiring at 64, meanwhile in America it’s 67! Lol, governments are corrupt idiots who don’t care about the people, that’s basically all over the world! Americans didn’t even lift a finger when the government raised the retirement age from 62 to 67!

  37. Bring forth the Mechanism!!!!

  38. The people of France should bring back the guillotine to send the messages to the elites: "Nous ne jouons plus!"