Sunday , November 29 2020
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Protesters burn LeBron James' jersey over Hong Kong comments

Fox News sporters reporter Jared Max discusses why people are frustrated with LeBron James’ comments regarding the Hong Kong and China strife.

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  1. Josh why don't you just shut up. Politic or not no NBA or United State can change them. Hong Kong and China have to work them self.

  2. Burning Miami Heat jerseys, Not Cleveland or Los Angeles jerseys…

  3. The skinhead is a hater😯

  4. Should I be surprised to see people who have the so-called "freedom of speech" all speak arrogantly with one voice and consider anyone with a different opinion an idiot?

  5. As Hong Kong people like to say. "It is only a job, why so serious?"

  6. White people couldn’t wait to bash lebron 😂😂 he’s done more for this dumass country than any of them

  7. It's funny how Hong Kong is now often being mentioned in America as if it was a single person, as in "Stand with HK". Americans need to know that those thuggish rioters who have been terrorizing the city for 4 straight months do not represent the majority. People in Hong Kong ARE free and so their rallying cry "Fight for freedom" is hollow and delusional. Those brainwashed thugs aimed to recreate another Tiananmen Square in Hong Kong, but ended up perpetrating Cultural Revolution 2.0. Their violent, scorched-earth tactics include burning everything in their paths, block roads and beat drivers who intervene. They also shut down the airport, vandalize businesses and assault dissenting fellow citizens. So, to most Hongkongers, Americans' support for these thugs is stupid and cruel, and definitely uninformed, as LeBron James said. So not only is he absolutely right, it was like a breath of fresh air to the rational, true freedom-loving people in Hong Kong. Now there are even US Congress members, like this Hawley, getting in the game like hyenas trying to take political advantage of our miseries.

    This clearly shows that Americans, politicians and the media in particular, only care about romantic storylines that they can use to make hay about, while the truths and the substance are conveniently disposed of as distractions.

  8. China has nothing to do with this idiots. This about a black employee of the NBA who happens to be the most famous person ever violating the 1st law of 48 laws of power by questioning a white authority figure in the company that employs him. Dont u ppl know anything about American history. Now that company has to allow temporary scolding of their fav cash cow son by the good ole boy consolidated media networks and its jim crow agenda. Then the nba will call off the scolding after they feel LeBron will never break da 1st law of power again..

  9. Making a great life for himself doesn't make him a hero, also the taxpayers are paying for that schoolseems like news media or journalist are dumb and lazy and liars by not investigating a story before they go flapping their mouth.

  10. Ty Cobb once said basketball is a bunch of faggets running around in their underwear in the case of LeBron James it happens to be correct f*** you commie.
    A free and Democratic Hong Kong forever forever a free and Democratic Hong Kong! goodbye basketball & football !

  11. lebron should’ve just keep it himself. I am a fan but sometimes he is very vocal that it could spark a controversy

  12. Remember China wanted these basketball games but the fact that they can't handle criticism or free speech should be the biggest takeaway. LeBron was protecting China maybe just out of respect or maybe money. But he was willing to throw freedom for Hong Kongs people under the bus. His statement was meant to throw another man under the bus that was correct about China being horrible. The people in Hong Kong have been living in freedom and they don't want to lose that. LeBron was obviously the uneducated one.

  13. Asian lives matter too LeBum

  14. Give them basketball players 15 $ h like really give the fireman or the ambulance or ice millions and billions when the go to work they are the real heros not a basketball player and by the way he is no god hehehe really a god Jesus is the men get it


  16. Fox mob is insane. Lebron James just expressed his opinion about the HK riots.

  17. Stop it. LeQueen hasn't "done" anything outside of sports

  18. But but but, why burnt Lebron? doesn't Lebron also have his freedom to express his view? isn't it your struggle about freedom for everyone, or only for certain people?risking life for basic liberties by taking other people's liberties and beat up who disagree with them, come on .. you're more inteligent than that, are you?

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