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Protesters gather after curfew in the Minneapolis area after police shooting of Daunte Wright

WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE. Protesters gather after curfew in the Minneapolis area after police shooting of Daunte Wright. https://bit.ly/3a50gZB


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  1. Life for life and will never happen again.

  2. mom didn't teach her son to take care of those warants

  3. I have no sympathy. How about we start here: Floyd family return them lottery earnings and Wright family don’t pursue it, then Black people agree to cooperate with police and not resist(racsist) arrest EVERY time. You people HAVE GOT US TWISTED.

  4. These are NOT protests! These are RIOTS! MSM is lying to you! They incite this violence to push a narrative to destroy America! USA Today is truly the ENEMY of the people!

  5. This is what it looks like when the government removes personal accountability from a group of people.

  6. I'm at the point where I say let every American have a gun that wants them and I tell the cops to take paid leave for a month or two and see what happens because people don't seem to understand that their actions have consequences yes it was wrong that the female cop shot that kid because she mixed up her taser but at the same time that kid should have not done what he did and just did what was asked and he would not have been shot all the good cops are leaving defunding =shit training affirmative action higher anyone that's not white even if they are not qualified for the job

  7. Can't blame Trump on this one…. Stupid people are gonna just be stupid!

  8. Dey is gud kidz wit brite futures in da rap industry, dey is jus gettin dey reparationz by lootin, dem police is racist , errrie white person is racist too

  9. All because a mother didn’t raise her child with common sense.

  10. Because of the economic crisis and the rate of unemployment now is the best time to invest and make money 💯

  11. I guess that pussy mayor caving in and firing the city manager because he said the cop deserves due process didn't help much . LOL. Did he really think these thugs were going to miss the opportunity to loot the Walmart for their free pair of sneakers?

  12. I wonder why these protesters are not in Chicago protesting the 50+ murders every weekend from blacks on blacks? Where's the pick pocket race baiter Al Sharpton? Why is he not calling those murders out?

  13. All actors on screen playing their roles
    Domt fall for thier agenda they are trying to push on you people

  14. This young man wouldn't be dead right now if there weren't draconian gun control laws requiring a government granted permit for this young man to exercise his 2nd amendment rights.

    Is this what's going to happen to millions of gun owners if the rotten democrats get away with their gun grabbing laws. Millions of us will have arrest warrants placed on us for suddenly possessing illegal firearms, cops are going to hunt us down, and shoot us dead using the excuse they throught they drew their taser?

    I bet the only reason he was in possession of an "illegal" firearm was because he was only 20 and MN state laws says 21.

    We really do need to get control of police and understand why these police encounters always seem to spin out of control to this level. That needs to stop. So in this case maybe it would have been better to let him go and try to get hi another time instead of shooting him dead. What's the fine for illegal possession of a firearm in MN? $500? $1000? Was that worth shooting him dead for?

    We all, black, white, brown, asian need to get our government under control. This shit is going too far.

  15. Burn it down!!!!! Where was all these police and national guard when the capital rioters storm the White House. The country ain't sh*t!!!!!!!!

  16. Bro the whole reason why this happened is cause of low funded police that don’t know tf a taser and a gun is in a high stress situation

  17. The real winner here is the covid-19.

  18. This is what happens when people are enabled…and it will keep happened at every opportunity.

  19. They’re literally a bunch of kids when are we going to beat the shit out of them?

  20. I don't understand though, this was not a race issue at all

  21. Wow and they wonder why cops are the way they are the people sound stupid

  22. Taser, Taser……. Blocka 🤣.

  23. Police officers out there standing against the citizens like it's a prison camp, somebody lost their life for no good reason, police official took a life

  24. This is the norm I guess everyone stay safe my condolences to the family…

  25. This compared to capital riot

  26. Black Rifles Matter. 12 gauges will scatter!

  27. 3 days from now the entire story will come out and watch it be his fault. By then though people will be on to the next distraction.

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