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Protesters, Supporters Clash During Trump Visit To El Paso | NBC News Now

President Trump came to El Paso, Texas to lend support following the mass shooting. But his visit was met with both strong support and protest, with both sides clashing at times. NBC News’ Gadi Schwartz reports.
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Protesters, Supporters Clash During Trump Visit To El Paso | NBC News Now


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  1. As beautifully written as that message was from those three little girls, I highly doubt they wrote it. I find it absurd what parents use their children for leverage.

  2. Trump supporters are traitors to what this country stands for

  3. Viva el Trump! A Mexican, a vet, an ex-cop, and an American citizen here. So many want to come here, I get that. Having visited other countries, I understand why. We allow over a million immigrants in each and every year and that does not include all the workers on different programs that are allowed in. They want to come here because it is a great country. How ever, if we are going to stay a great country, we must continue to enforce our border laws, our rule of law, and our constitution. Immigrants also in my opinion should do their best to assimilate into our way of life here, not want to come and make it like the place they fled. We must also be in unison with one another. What better way than to speak a common language, English! No one has ever tried to take my culture or heritage away from me. They can keep all that. Sure Trump has flaws. What human doesn't? People need to wake up and see too, what too many in congress are doing to certain groups and just using them as useful pawns in their game of chess with it costing us all greatly. I did not like Obama but I never spoke of him like so many do of Trump. Give Trump eight years and see what you think, please! GOD bless us all!

  4. trump supporters are alcoholics and communists

  5. Liberals think they can win a fight ha!!!! They dont even have the guts to have the justice departments execute these murdering mass shooter monsters!!!!

  6. Trump's rhetoric DOES bring people together. Problem is that those people are white-supremacists, traitors, domestic terrorists, criminals, and other Russian assets.

  7. Why do naive people fall for these exagerated narratives. we witness daily hate crimes and murder in our local communitys on local news. only dofference is its defined as gang war or drug related crime. Only when its a white male does it break into mainstream media and only then is it a hate crime.
    goto the fbi stats and you will find out that its almost as many active shooter cases envolving minoritys against whites .they also explain how classifications are missleading.
    80% of all whites murdered are comminted by blacks alone.
    this is far more accurate way of witnessing the true amount if hate crimes .this stat isnt obscurred by different reasoning .
    If this is just a white issue then you have tp ask why and what has been happening to the white population that makes them feel sp threatened .what abuse is being impossed on them ?
    These are the wrpmg type of questions to be raised. media and anylist need to keep the thoughts on the facts that bad people do nad things. when you bring up the reality it forces people to research facts and to see that your race is murdered 80% of the time by blacks can simply lead to retalitory responses by sick minds like this shooter.
    trump is right that being and thinking possitive spreads possitivity and negativity breeds nagatove results.
    there is np place for hate in america and i will never pass on useless details to the next generation that poisons there minds to think anything but how eqaul mankind is in this country.
    race baiting has no place here either .

  8. Most protesters are paid these days. It’s just another way of trying to manipulate and distort things.

  9. Immigration should have had buss ready to be Loaded for Protesters! who are here illegally and have priors and DOPERS and DEPORT them back! If you are not with us you against the UNITED STATES and our customs, therefore, a security risk! for the UNITED STATES as a whole


  11. It's funny how I never see racism in the real world, just on tv

  12. Oh wait a second we were finally realizing elected officials don’t care about us

  13. I'll continue to study and expose Commiecrat rubbish at ALL venues, thank you.

  14. THE OHR 302s bombshell release
    FBI Hillary Clinton Obama Christopher Steele Fusion GPS, John Kerry state department CNN MSNBC joint operation overthrow United States government!!

    MSNBC CNN Democrats bogeyman propaganda
    NRA hoax
    White nationalist hoax
    White supremacist hoax
    Russia hoax
    Climate change hoax
    White man cancer on society
    White guilt

  15. Thank you, Commie NBC, for admitting that the President has some supporters. Previously, you wanted us to believe that the ENTIRE city has rejected him—- as if you were reporting your "news" to an audience of single-digit IQs.

  16. Once I looked upon America with light shining from my eyes, now I turn away in disappointment. Racism is out of control in America now, one only have to look at this: even model minorities like Asian men are castrated by American media, never mind about other less "conforming" minorities. What does that tell us, America I believe you can be better than this.

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