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Protestors rush the stage at Joe Biden's Super Tuesday speech | USA TODAY

Some Joe Biden hecklers rushed the stage at his Super Tuesday speech.
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At Joe Biden’s Super Tuesday speech, some “Let Dairy Die” protesters rushed the stage, and were escorted quickly off.

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  1. Tough guy hid behind his wife

  2. Quick ! Someone call National Geographic ! The football shaped head tribe isn't extinct ! Oh , that was Symone Sanders ? Never mind .

  3. Wow they were vegans. Protesting for animals. Should have known

  4. Ok I saw this live on the tv and I saw Dr. Biden pivot herself to the hackler then his sister do the same, and another women who helped out.

  5. Sleepy Joe's Wife and Sister had to protect him while he stood behind then. He thought it was Corn Pop rushing the podium. LOL

  6. LOL…Let Joe Fall is the chant?

  7. Was that Michael Strahan pulled the 2nd one of the stage?

  8. Someone get the guy some security. That could have been an extremely dangerous situation.

  9. Joe looked scared as hell 😂😂 but at least his lady protected him 😂

  10. Joe 30330 looked terrified

  11. I see Joe hiding behind women….

  12. What are they protesting about?

  13. Bad look for protestors of Biden. Rushing the stage like that does nothing for their cause. Couldn’t even tell what their cause was. Ineffective attempt at gaining awareness for whatever they were doing. This was counterproductive. I hope it wasn’t important.
    Im not a Biden supporter because of his diminishing mental issues and his republican type policies. He clearly is getting a ton of help from the democratic establishment. Including mayor Pete, Amy K. Both dropping out at key times to endorse Biden and push for the corporate/establishment democrats. Bloomberg entered the race when he did because he seen that a democratic socialist was leading.. he will now exit having helped the Super Tuesday turnaround. The DNC is garbage.

  14. Sleepy Joe Pooped his pants!

  15. What were they chanting, tho?

  16. I thought Joe had secret service protection… Guess not

  17. If you don't want to do dairy, fine by me. I make my own choices.

  18. Hey Democrats! Congratulations on already losing the presidential race!

  19. Brilliant work! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? 🙂

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