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Protests in Hong Kong reach its 11th week

The ongoing demonstration in China has successfully delayed the proposed extradition bill, but the people of Hong Kong will not stop protesting until the bill is cancelled.

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  1. They are just commoners demanding common right, how did the government pointing them with gun

  2. As a Hong Kong citizen, we see these as riots, not protest.

  3. Why didn’t you show the clips of the protestors picking on and attacking innocent citizens who do not share their views!! Biased media! Shame on abc!!

  4. It is CIA organized riot(colour revolution)want to overthrow Hong Kong government,US and UK supported riot overthrow many middle east countries government same way many times,then US can control and kill middle east people easily,all excuses are democracy. UK and BBC so Care about democracy,should let Scotland and north Ireland independent right now!BBC do not judge other country use double standard,disgusting!

  5. Australia don’t bark nonsense, bring the cockroaches back to your island

  6. Abc supports violent thugs enough said America is the ghetto y’all are beneath Europe in terms of mathematics and living standards. The entire America is a shethole of course you nimrods would support domestic terrorists. Skanks

  7. For all the shitheads that support the protestors how about you take a flight to the airport in Hong Kongand stand in the front when they protest against the police, you ungrateful f*cks. Also if you didn’t realize USA and the british is behind this and as well as NED, they tryin to act like they feel bad for Hong Kong but the flags the protestors carried and the photos people found where US representatives and Hong Kong NED representatives meet is enough proof.

  8. And long may the protests continue

  9. SUPPORT H.K🇭🇰 Pray for FREEDOM🙏🏻

  10. Hk people got balls, they may be little, but they still balls, use them. Fight for your freedom, fight the dirty communists, fight the dirty cops. Hog ties as many pigs as needed for your freedom.

  11. All those protesters who say they are not Chinese, should come to Australia. Happy ending for all. Don't forget to come by boat.

  12. China Always no 1🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳

  13. i dont know what is wrong with human beings.

  14. If this how thing are because china is trying to take over, I cant imagine how it will be in 2047 when China has full control and if relationship keeps getting worse and in 2047 may turn deathly.

  15. western media don't post the truth

  16. who watching this from mainland ? 😀

  17. How do these people survive not working for 11 weeks? Are they being paid?

  18. I am a China mainlander .i am curious of "if USA people know ' bonus army'?" who can tell me thx.

  19. 1:23 then wtf are you then😂😂

  20. Hong Kong is a part of China!!!

  21. You foreigners support these protest marches without knowing anything. You do not know that which side is right. Hong Kong has been China since ancient times and Hong Kong people are Chinese. I want you to be clear about which side you choose to support. Please think about whether you can support these ignorant thugs protesting against the Chinese government like this if something like this happens in your country.Chinese people have always been very friendly, some of you believe the words of some malicious foreign media. If it is our Chinese government that is doing wrong why only a small number of these thugs are protesting. There are still many Hong Kong people who support China.Supporting protests is simply wrong.I hope you can understand the cause and effect of this riot before you jump to conclusions. Finally, I love China, I love the most peaceful country in the world, and I love the foreigners who are friendly to us

  22. This is called biased reporting!

  23. Why should the so-called liberal democracy of the United States delete the people's Facebook, Twitter account? Think they sent the real thing?

  24. Chinese goverment has been really restraint! Look at the protest happened in America yesterday, hundreds were arrested immediately,,,, and that's were people calling DEMOCRACY!!

  25. The end times are coming don't get scared now we caused it.

  26. Tianamen square Massacre v2

  27. 那个说"we are not Chinese"的人应该被中国政府枪毙。

  28. American police is worse if you compare to this plz yankee media this was a weak propaganda against china..Fuxk ofF USA

  29. China should remember that England thought they had enough power to quell the American revolution, but look what happened now.

  30. Hong Kong people : we are not Chinese.

    China: but you look like one

  31. This is the liberal vision for America. To crack down on any dissidents….wake up America, Stay true to the second amendment

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