Thursday , August 11 2022

‘Prove That Freedom Always Wins’: Zelenskyy’s Message To Glastonbury Festival

“We, in Ukraine, would also like to live life as we used to and enjoy freedom and this wonderful summer,” the Ukrainian leader told revelers at the famous U.K. music festival. But, he lamented, that could not happen because “Russia has stolen our peace.”

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  1. Always a joy to read the bots response to a call to help refuse a fascist invasion of a sovereign nation.

    Imagine if the US had invaded Canada on February 24th and by June 25th had lost 15,000 men (plus plus!) and only taken Alberta?

    An army? The Tellytubbies could do better than that!

  2. Zelensky himself destroyed his country, Pitin tried many times to solve everything peacefully, but Zelensky did not even want to listen to him, and you believe Zelensky that he is not guilty.

  3. NSA turning to innovation…. Glastonbury!! The young support Snowden Zelenskyy…you need to use smart and find a deal that works. Your considered to be the second most corrupt in Europe! After Russia… Plus 42% have allegiance to Russia – check facts. They were wrong to invade, but good leadership would see, when you get re built by the West you are trading your country – it won't come free. And the support can disappear overnight. The kids have been brought up on propaganda, they know it inside and out, I'm not wholly suggesting that this was propaganda, just – direct leadership to the centre of the hive – the Kremlin will achieve a better result. It's about your dynamics….. Putin is strong, but in that fact he has fragility. Scared to lose, so he wants a deal….. Done right it can bring your country to the forefront, economically too. Try a buffer zone, controlled by election, between you and Russia – tax free area. I planned the Bin laden raid so that no-one could dictate another's future. All your moves have been to slow, and not attuned to political direction(s)

  4. Nazi ukrains killing unarmed sivilions!

  5. What a despicable man. He lets his people fight a war they can’t win and then adresses the woke party national conference.

  6. I remember when I used to smell weed in the morning at Glastonbury, now I just smell propoganda

  7. 👶🤲🌍🏡🧑‍🍼🌾😭😭😭 everything soon ends and peace returns 🤲🤲👶

  8. His English language is quite good.

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  11. Zelensky is a charlatan

  12. My prayers that Peace will be attained in Ukraine now!!!

  13. Ukraine braveness are one strong border for freedom

  14. Ukraine braveness are role model of freedom fighter

  15. He always wears green and you know it's a weird coincidence zelensky means green. Is this a microcosm of the Pale/ green Horse?

  16. "freedom always wins"
    not if your name is Julian Assange

    According to the BBC, Julian Assange is being extradited to US for revealing "wrongdoings".
    Because killing innocent unarmed civilians and Reuters Photographers in a war zone doesn't qualify as a war crime. But look over there Putin's army is killing civilians !!!
    Tony Blair has been appointed a Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter by Queen Elizabeth II. Over 1.000.000 people signed a petition for his honour to be rescinded.

    And why is he wearing a t-shirt and sneakers?? He's been working in Kiev where there is no bombing. The war in Syria has been going on for over 10 years now yet I have not seen Bashar al Assad in t-shirt & sneakers. 
    It's all a big reality show folks taking place in front of your eyes being labeled as TRUTH, but remember, TRUTH has no master.

    Long live ignorance !!!

  17. The money owners are really marketing this war. What's left? The UN general assembly and the opening of the World Cup?

  18. "‘Prove That Freedom Always Wins’ (is) Zelenskyy’s Message To Glastonbury Festival" so let's #ConvinceItForward with #SlavaBOHU

  19. What a hypocritical propagandist!

  20. This guy gate crashes everything. If he wasn’t so smug his country wouldn’t be in this mess. Are other conflict zones going to be highlighted at Glastonbury? Yeah I think not…..this is called propaganda.

  21. God bless Zelensky and Ukraine. Together we can defeat the war criminal Putin. Slava Ukraini!

  22. Thank you, president Zelensky for taking time speaking to us in English, that helps to hear your words with heart-felt message! God bless all the countries which help Ukraine & sustain Ukrainian lives.

  23. Why were people from Donetsk and Lugansk not allowed to be free from ukraine and its artillery shots and bombs from 2014 till now??? Hunreds of artillery shots, people dying there every day because of ukranian army destroying houses and streets of Donetsk. This guy is talking about freedom, but killing children that kust wanted to protect their native russian language in ukraine. Are you people blind or stupid?

  24. Freedom doesn't always win for sure, but it is the better way for people in the long-term. Otherwise you'll have nothing of your own.