Friday , January 21 2022
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Puerto Rico braces for Tropical Storm Dorian | ABC News

Puerto Rico’s governor has declared a national emergency ahead of a storm threatening the same area destroyed by Hurricane Maria in 2017.

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  1. These storms are from Africa look it up find out for you self
    Africa still using steam engines for trains .Africa is the world leader in smog
    Africa is stuck in the early 1900's . But thats OK just blame the cars

  2. I have several family members in Florida and I have a really Bad Feeling About This Hurricane 😳

  3. I live in Florida😓😓😓

  4. Puerto Rico is lost it gets slammed every single year. Waste of money rebuilding it over and over.

  5. Walmart is fucking packed in Springhill

  6. I just moved to Naples Florida a month ago and already a hurricane

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  8. Florida Man gets arrested for shootings bullets to incoming hurricane
    "Why are you guys arresting a hero?" – Says Suspect


  10. Get of screen George you are a waste of time

  11. God another hurricane hope I make it through in Miami

  12. I pray Dorian obliterates pr and all the filth living there.

  13. Good thing it's not getting anywhere near Jamaica. I don't want the West Indies vs. India test cricket match at Sabina Park to have rain delays. C'mon you Windies!

  14. It's End Times. There are more hurricanes coming. Pray pray pray

  15. Bro the fucking Steve nuniverse movies on Monday how the fuck am I supposed to watch it

  16. I finally get a Monday off & now I gotta worry about a hurricane fuck!!!

  17. prayers to everyone in Dominica and Hispaniola and those on Puerto Rico we have a Cat 1 storm coming in board up your windows and evacuate the islands now we have a storm surge and in 24 hours everything on those islands will be destroyed. Head to Haiti or to Cuba and the US do not stay in Barbados, Dominica, Hispaniola, Puerto Rico, or Bermuda. Everyone you must leave and leave now or you will lose everything when the storm hits.

  18. Hopefully our island is not without power for months.

  19. good grief, another hurricane…

    Welp, hope i make it out ok. Wish me luck!

  20. Don’t worry people it’s gonna be OK 👌🏻 Trump is gonna drop a bomb in the middle of it.

  21. 😰😰🙏🙏🙏 what about Jacksonville, Florida ?

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