Tuesday , January 19 2021


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❤ FEATURED in this video

What I’m Wearing:
Zip knit top – https://bit.ly/3mhtZD6
(US) Zip knit top – https://bit.ly/30Xl00L
Sweaty Betty Leggings – https://bit.ly/371aMQQ
Cashmere socks (similar) – https://bit.ly/2Fp5ZNA
(US) Cashmere socks (similar) – https://bit.ly/3lLNhiR
Gold hoop earrings – https://apprl.com/al/5exW/
(US) Gold hoop earrings – https://apprl.com/al/5ey6/
Floral dress – https://bit.ly/310FVQD
(US) Floral dress – https://bit.ly/3jTJeQQ

Arena flowers – https://bit.ly/3d400KA
[USE CODE MUMBLRFF10 FOR 10% OFF FARFETCH – Ts&Cs below] Stand Studio Teddy Coat – https://bit.ly/2GxXOPC
(US) Stand Studio Teddy Coat – https://bit.ly/3jJsvQc
Stand Studio Borg Coat – https://bit.ly/3lIj0l2
(US) Stand Studio Borg Coat – https://bit.ly/34WWjTr
Stand Studio Brown Faux Fur Coat – https://bit.ly/3iRoLLn
(US) Stand Studio Brown Faux Fur Coat – https://bit.ly/3nLwSN7
Thermomix pumpkin recipe – https://bit.ly/2SQcCLX

Photoshoot outfit:
Stand Studio Brown Faux Fur Coat – https://bit.ly/3iRoLLn
(US) Stand Studio Brown Faux Fur Coat – https://bit.ly/3nLwSN7
Gilet – https://bit.ly/2FExSS5
(US) Gilet -https://bit.ly/37042CE
Floral dress – https://bit.ly/310FVQD
(US) Floral dress – https://bit.ly/3jTJeQQ
White boots (similar) – https://bit.ly/372V5IW
(US) White boots (similar) – https://bit.ly/311J7v0
Brown boots – https://bit.ly/3mOpzDI
(US) Brown boots – https://bit.ly/3135sZl

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This offer is valid until 23:59 (BST) 23/10/2020.
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❤ Camera that I filmed this video on – http://bit.ly/2S48HsH
❤ I also use this camera for smooth shots – http://bit.ly/2BlXDkF
❤ I use this camera for the *pro* looking shots – http://bit.ly/2HVcRTi


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  1. pumpkin risotto… hadn't considered that. we don't do much pumpkin. will have to try it.

  2. Watching this very late but that belted fur coat looks so cosy I want it! Can’t wait to see the office progressing – at first I thought the grey was the chosen colour for it 🤦🏻‍♀️ and pleaeeease can Charlie do a roast tutorial, really need to try those carrots 😍 xx

  3. Josie knife pumpkin

  4. You are so blessed to have a strong man that is handsome, that cooks and also doesn't mind all of the femininity that you bring to the house. Very lucky indeed!

  5. hahahaha hungover Josie is hilarious! xD can tell the wine didnt evaporate yet 😉 :D:D:D

  6. Imagine the teddy coat in a creamy white shade, ommmg! I really hope they end up bringing out one like that, would buy it immediately. Love your style, you really are my go to influencer for style inspo

  7. Enjoyed this very much! I love pumpkin so i would love to try the Risotto. Just a hint for your puppies. Boil chunks of the pumpkin until soft, cool and put in their dish, they will love it! Pumpkin is used in many dog food brands.

  8. I quite liked the colour of the primer in the office. Also, Charlie you are just ace at cooking, you can come and cook for me anytime 😋😋

  9. Your food hauls and cooking are by far my favourites along with Charlie adding his wisdom and epic Sunday roasts. x

  10. Your comment about being part of the wall was hilarious!!! 😂😂😂

  11. Is Charlie’s Office actually the morning room?

  12. Can you imagine 20 years ago what your old you would of thought about the future you taking pictures while pushing a wheel barrow.

  13. I remember when you were in London you didnt put on so many coats. Now i imagine is way colder where you live compared to London. By the way that roast looked delicious

  14. Pro tip from a soup maker. I used to chop and peel squash and pumpkins…so much work. Simply split the squash or pumpkin and put face up in the oven until roasted and soft . All the flesh scoops out for cooking. I'll never chop and peel again. Cheers! from Canada

  15. Hi Josie, I enjoy your vlogs a lot. The only thing I have to say is that it makes me frustrated to see you buy so many pieces that are super similar and give the same vibe to an outfit. I get that you're a fashion blogger and buying clothes is part of your job. But seeing you buy 3 white shearling coats, multiple jumper dresses that look practically identical and two pair of really similar boots seems really excessive. I assure you that us as viewers do not need to see you in different outfits every time you post. Maybe instead of buying multiples for yourself you could do a video, like an edit or something which shows the variety out there for your viewers, so that they can buy one piece in that style that best suits them and their style (And also for you to choose the one best for you). I do not want to come off as negative, I just wanted to point out an area of improvement. Xx

  16. You were quite funny talking about your “ overindulgence “….I giggled. Now I want pumpkin risotto…..but I don’t cook at all! Hubby does it all and I think that request would not fly…😭

  17. We rinse our pumpkin seeds, thoroughly as you did, damp with paper towel, add salt and cracked pepper, we don’t put in water, straight into the oven on bake at 350 for about 20-25 minutes, sometimes a bit shorter, sometimes a bit longer, just do a check. We love them!

  18. Josie, you look gorgeous in this vlog! As always, though 😉 and your vlog gives such cozy autumnal vibes, it's a delight to watch! Thank you so much!

  19. Goodness, sounds like Victoria’s launch party was memorable,,,but the after effects, 🤦‍♀️, when you feel like dying would be a favor,,,,LOL. I think I could see you feeling progressively better throughout the vlog.
    The roast dinner ❤️ ,,,,,,and Fall cozy mood,,,,makes me happy 😊

  20. Pumpkin seeds look so yummy.

  21. I soooo adore that church building!

  22. As I have said before..you are definitely driven! If Josie decides to take on a huge pumpkin with a serious looking knife and chop it up then thats what's happening!! Very impressed! Another lovely Autumn 🍂 vibe vlog. Thank you. 🦋

  23. Hi Josie!

    I was wandering what size you got the Stand Studio brown faux fur coat in? I don’t really know what size to get, but I know I’m about the same size as you☺️ Love your videoes & have loved them for years!

  24. Didn't Charlie recently say he was a recovering alcoholic? Isn't it a bit cruel to get so drunk you need to stay in bed all day when you know this? Recovering alcoholics are likely to relapse when with people drinking heavily, I can't believe there are no comments about this, are you deleting them!?

  25. Hi. I have a question. Ist a thermal (the Shirt she wears underneath) the same as a normal longsleeve? Or is it a different material. Don't know if we have something simmilar in germany.

  26. Why dont you grow some pumpkin in ur garden

  27. Your house is giving me the haunting of bly manor/hill house vibes (in a good way) such a beautiful home ❤️


  29. Thanks for being such a ray of sunshine in such a dreary time x

  30. The office room is looking really nice. I have to say that if you could find a color similar to the primer, that looks really gorgeous. It gives the room a sort of a regal look. But maybe it’s just me, I’m not a huge fan of green!

  31. So glad you had a wonderful time with friends at dinner! Isn’t it so fun?

  32. doctor: “you have 21 minutes and 50 seconds left to live”


  33. Lovely autumnal vlog! 🎃🍂💕

  34. Please Charlie, we need a roast video recipe!!!! 💕💕💕

  35. Very nice & Yummy & Delicious!!!***❤️❣️❤️

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