Punxsutawney Phil predicts six more weeks of winter for 2023

The famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, predicted six more weeks of winter after seeing his shadow.

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  1. How would I feel waking up from my long nap and some dude with big hats holding me like prize? Not happy at all lol

  2. Six more weeks morons and this is why they get so many shootings.. change my mind..

  3. And we say that the us is a development county..

  4. Why do we traumatize a rodent for fun?

  5. That groundhog is well fed – if he had precognitive powers and was accurate in foreseeing events while being well fed, we wouldn't need to rely on him seeing his shadow!

  6. He looks at his shadow to get more attention, though, in all fairness, he always gets it right within a +-6 months range.

  7. What if Phil here saw his shadow in the summer?? 🤔

  8. It's deja vu all over again.

  9. So in reality it's just some dude writing rhymes and he decides "weather" or not it's winter or spring lmao

  10. Praise be unto Phil. He is the true Messiah. Amen.

  11. Sure won’t be in Florida . Already pushing 85 degrees

  12. This. Is news lol what a joke

  13. All hail Punxsutawney Phil 🙌🧎‍♂️

  14. That's messed up.. Let me wake you up drag you out into the cold…

  15. I never understood white people, and after watching this I don’t think white people understand white people.

  16. Spoiler Alert, first day of spring is March 20th, regardless of shadows

  17. You are participating in smoke screens and snake oil. You are also enabling more of the same. Instead contact your congressman- tell them to get the USA to invest in green energy and stop using fossil fuels.

  18. I'm glad to hear it. I love winter weather.

  19. Once again, the eyes of the nation have turned here to this… tiny village in Western Pennsylvania. Blah, blah, blah, blah! There is no way that this winter is ever going to end as long as this groundhog keeps seeing his shadow. I don't see any other way out. He's gotta be stopped. And I have to stop him.

  20. Beware of the Whitemen who converse with animals and takes advice from them.

  21. Of all of the stupid animal stunts in the world, this has got to be the dumbest. Imagine your whole life revolving around a rodent that doesn't mean a thing but that many people are incredibly stupid and easily entertained by; while he's like "Leave me alone."

  22. Seen it. Thanks boys. 🇺🇳🇺🇸🌹✌️

  23. Do you know why they use this animal,cause man can't see his own shadow due to his own corruption.

  24. Try 10 more weeks…it stays miserable and cold until it's suddenly 101 degrees and fires burn everything to the ground. Every year.


  26. 🦊🚬~i could have told you that🌬️❄️