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Puppy saved from alligator

Dramatic video shows a Florida man prying an alligator’s jaws open after his dog was dragged underwater by the reptile. ABC’s Megan Tevrizian has the details.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. He’s a legend because I’m puppy lover

  2. What a sweet guy 💯hats off Richard

  3. Would have killed that gator after saving my dog. Guts cut open.

  4. You can dog sit my dogs anytime! YOUR AWESOME!!!

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  6. I adore him for saving his loving dog

  7. Think about how the footage would have looked if a 20 footer would have grabbed the puppy.

  8. Im not sure if I live in a state that has Alligators, that I would walk near the waters edge like that. With or without a dog.

  9. Greetings from Brunei…so heartwarming to see this…that's a real brave man and a hero!…stay well and longevity!!…

  10. 70 years old human cannot be more badass than that.

  11. There is a difference between interface and overpopulation of a lethal predator. There isn’t a safe body of freshwater in Florida due to protection of the American Alligator. This needs to be lifted and the gator population dramatically thinned. Don’t be surprised if he gets a visit from FWC.

  12. Not buying it. Why does the video start with the man in the water and not before? Why not show when puppy gets "snatched?" Seems staged; I'll believe it when someone shows video of what happened before. I fear the true story may be quite disturbing. Florida man – Hero or Monster???

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  14. I'd usually expect from Florida a title like "Man saves pet alligator from dog"

  15. I am very impressed how this man saved his dog. But, the lesson here is; when you live in a state with alligators; even walking your dog on leash near a pond is very dangerous for your pet. Alligators can reach speeds of 35 mph on land in short spurts (that's all it takes when they are hungry and looking for a meal). In the water, an alligator can reach a top speed of 20 mph. That is faster than a bottlenose dolphin. On lakes in my development here in Florida, in the last two years; dogs have been taken and killed by alligators because their owners were negligent with their pets life and well being. Please, if you have a dog, do not walk your dog near a lake or pond. You are putting them at great risk with their life.
    Another issue, for the same reason; do not let your cat roam free. Again, you are putting that pet in grave danger and alligators are just one of the ways they can be killed or severely injured.
    Do the right for your pet; be their guardian. Be a responsible pet owner.

  16. Almost looks staged to me. You could duplicate it with a stuffed
    alligator. I'd like to see the video from a minute or two before before.


  18. My heart ❤ aches hearing the puppy 🐶 💔 cry 😢.

  19. "The Florida wildlife federation said THEY DECIDED to release the video"… WTF? Now I'm wondering how much they hide from the public.

  20. “5 foot gator” it was maybe 3 foot.

  21. Always keep your pets on lead.

  22. Absolutely love this man for saving his dog!!

  23. Alligators and Crocodiles love the taste of canines as much as we love the taste of chicken. Keep a close vigil over your pet dogs. This guy is lucky the alligator was only a baby.

  24. I'm glad the puppy now hates water because this appearing on the news scared me because that was just a baby alligator if it was an adult that puppy wouldn't be alive since well an adult alligator can take a persons arm of in one bite

  25. I've lived in Florida for 15 years and have yet to encounter a gator hope to goodness I never do my mom has once when she lived in Tampa but I currently live in the Orlando area lol

  26. I'm happy you saved your baby. Why do people continue to walk their pets near areas like this in Florida amazes me. Please listen to the forest and wild life rangers use common sense pay attention to your surroundings.

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