Thursday , July 9 2020
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Purdue Pharma filed for bankruptcy after tentative settlement

Morning Business Outlook: Purdue Pharma files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after reaching a tentative settlement over its alleged role in the opioid epidemic; thousands of United Auto Workers members walk out on General Motors after contract talks break down.

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  1. Purdue needs to be investigated by the DOJ for fraud practices.

  2. In defense of big pharma, Most of the victims are suffering SIW's.

  3. This is not true capitalism… Under true capitalism, this company would completely shut down and go out of business at this point.

  4. It's only chapter 11 so their just restructuring.

  5. If RICO charges are not levied against Perdue and the Sacklers, then The United States of America owe the Sinaloa Cartel and Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman an apology.

  6. Pharma bankruptcy. How about banks bankruptcy?
    Citi goes bankruptcy, too.

  7. Hiding the money to get out of paying for their crimes!

  8. Freeze their assets and payout the lawsuits anyway.

  9. I don't believe these immoral mf's deserve ANY 'protection' … To the contrary, they should fry over hot coals, and let the putrid scent waft in the wind for all to cherish. 😡

  10. You mean file for bankruptcy, avoid settling lawsuits , then funnel money to another bank account and open up a new corporation under a different name. That’s the American way,

  11. I can’t get over how crazy this Is what’s next I guess after ten years of medical Marijuana they are going to sue because people got Lung cancer and it wasn’t advertised or maybe they’ll start Suing McDonald’s for heart attack because it’s not advertised I am guessing nobody has thought that if these companies go out of business how are you going to deal with the pain when you have surgeries or when you get old and get arthritis really bad or if you have cancer And you are in pain and how about people medical conditions that require pain medicine not everybody wants to smoke medical cannabis there is good and bad in anything and there will always be people who do the good thing with it they were always be people who do the bad remember one thing you will always hear about the bad when it’s politically correct you will never hear about the good stories of where it helped people do things with there family’s and they were able to maybe go back to work and they were also able to start doing things on their own again because they’re able to move I’m sorry this is not right I understand that people lost their lives and if anybody gets paid it shouldn’t be the states it should be the people who’s families lost love ones but in real reality that isn’t the case a lot of those people were doing heroin and other drugs and mixing drugs and they overdosed but they label it as pills because that’s the easiest way to get rid of what they don’t want

  12. Just stop buying their pills… That will show them…

  13. Sorry I had been on prescription Fentanyl 200. Never a problem weaned myself off in 6 weeks. Note; "Prescribed" .So why do they , News organizations and Law enforcement call it an Overdose when perpetrators were never prescribed these drugs in the first place ? Quite sanitizing with correctness and call it what it truly is . Attempted and Successful Suicides..
    When someone is drunk we don't call it an Overdose !! Changing the Stats . our nation has #1 A Mental health issue.. My opinion.

  14. Responsible for THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE

  15. M4A IS A MUST!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Plus us tax payers can pay the health care caused and the homelessness the Sackler family caused.

  17. That's good they were sued and went bankrupt, the same thing needs to happen to those psychiatric drug companies that sell poisons disguised as medicine.

  18. Chapter 11 bankruptcy is legalized theft. It is a leftist law that needs to be repealed.

  19. so the people that melt the pills down and shot up are not to blame and the doctor's the prescribed the pills like candy are not to blame a medication that is regulated through prescriptions

  20. This is another of the left blaming the drug maker not the drug abuser. Blame the gun not the shooter. They are dummer than a box of rocks.a@

  21. This is how the rich work, they create a system that protects their money. This is why they will never lose.

  22. Privatized profits with socialized losses. Seems to be all the rage with the filthy "elite".

  23. What no one saw thim coming?…..Come on people tney are not the only one that bailed!

  24. This company has hurt so many people and they are continuing to do so overseas, these bastards need to pay

  25. So are they going to go after Watson next? They pushed lortabs on people long before Purdue pushed oxycontin,after Watson they going to sue the companies who pushed morphine? What about the benzo problem the US has, going to sue the company that pushed Xanax and Klonopin? How about sue the actual doctors who kept writing it knowing FULL well how addictive they are. You think those medically educated licenced doctors didn't know a freaking opiate,no matter how it's packaged or delivered,is freaking addictive!!??!! They knew full well how addictive it is, it's been known for over 60 years!! The US "Justice" system is a f'n joke!!

  26. Milk the cow for all its worth then file bankruptcy.

  27. Communists in this chat be like "It's the companies fault obviously not the patients fault for paying for and consuming the prescription" XDD give me a break

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