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Purdue Pharma offers to settle opioid lawsuits: Report | ABC News

A source told ABC News the pharmaceutical company is offering a multi-billion-dollar package to end lawsuits over its role in the opioid epidemic.

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  1. The Government Let Them Do It…All The Last How Many Presidents…They Were All Puppets For The Elite.

  2. Pain killers are good. Just because some people abuse them does not give the government the right to harass and rob pharmaceutical companies. Imagine the world in which pain killers are limited. It is terrifying.


  4. All lip service. Sure I believe them.

  5. You can't find any white people to be on the news?

  6. Title should read Another feeding trough for lawyers will be opening up.

  7. And the MSM keeps taking big pharma's money like the whores they are.

  8. In Oklahoma there are many people serving 99 years with no parole for growing weed. But these people pay a pittance and walk out free as a bird. God Damn The Pusher Man.

  9. Take all of the money and put them In prison. The money should go to every American period. But corruption is still very high in government.

  10. this is were the war against drugs should be conentrated on

  11. WHAT?? Seriously folks, that disgusting, greedy and corrupt Sakler family just sat back and watched, as hundreds of thousand of innocent Americans died a horrific death, while they made over 50 BILLION dollars from the sale of their addictive opioid drugs and now, when they have finally been exposed, the Sakler family decided they will give away 3 billion dollars to the victims and all will be forgiven. (All while the Sakler make billions more, selling their new drug, to fight opioid addiction.) Haaaah! No amount of money is ever going to bring back the hundreds of thousands of innocent lives that were taken by the Sakler family company's endless supply of highly addictive opioid drugs or restore the lives of hundreds of thousands of American families ruined by the greedy and morally corrupt Sakler family, that deliberately lied and mislead everyone just so they could make billions of dollars… the suffering patients that trusted their doctors to help, the naive doctors that trusted the 'proven' safety of those opioid drugs, when told by the Sakler family company's massive army of national salesmen, and those naive Sakler family company's salesmen that trusted the Sakler family as the OWNERS, to be honest about the lethal dangers of the opioid drug they made and supplied for decades. The buck stops at the top, and the greedy, morally corrupt Sakler family, are nothing but a bunch of sleazy, criminal pigs that made massive profits from the horrific suffering of others for decades. The Sakler family must be punished for their crimes against humanity and the victims deserve justice. It is such an insult to the victims and their families, for the 'untouchable' billionaire Sakler family to decide how much they want to pay and what they think all of those destroyed lives are worth… just so the Sakler family can avoid going on trial, and being exposed as the evil monsters that they are!! Spending the rest of their miserable lives in prison is too good for the Sakler family, they should be sued for 50 billion dollars and everything they own seized and auctioned off to charity. Every dollar they have hidden away in overseas accounts should be taken away from them and every one of those evil Sakler pigs should be dragged out into the street by their ears and burnt alive, then left to rot in the gutter, with the rest of the filthy trash, where they belong! (But we all know the law of the land does not apply to those with more money than God, so again, another bunch of repulsive jewish criminals will avoid justice and the Sakler family will be able to laugh in the faces of everyone, all the way to the bank!) PS. I have had to misspell their name in my comment, as comments posted with their name are mysteriously deleted from YouTube… no surprise, since it is big corporate advertising dollars that keep everyone at YouTube flush with cash.

  12. They're on the run because they sold too much to small towns.

    Take them for every penny then pursue criminal charges

  13. Uh Uh!
    People Hurt Themselves.
    I don't feel that they are responsible.

  14. Didnt they already get convicted?

  15. The Sackler Family are worse than El Chapo anD they need to be JAILED

  16. The Opioid Epidemic makes anything cigarette companies look harmless in comparison. Perdue should be pushed to bankruptcy for puttiing profit over humanity. Also, just like ciggerttes, advertising for opioids should be banned.

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