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Putin Calls Talks With Biden 'Quite Constructive', Discusses Cyberattacks

Russian President Vladimir Putin called his talks with President Joe Biden “quite constructive” and acknowledged the requests U.S. authorities have made for multiple cyberattacks that originated from Russia.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Putin Calls Talks With Biden ‘Quite Constructive’, Discusses Cyberattacks


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  1. you've been brainwashed into thinking that Russia will have ANY intention of invading American soil, but Russia wants to live together peacefully.

  2. i need to learn russian, this translator gets on my nerves, plus i like to listen to vladimir, he 's a rock star!!

  3. Mr Putin tells the truth 😊more better then most leaders of the world he says it the way it is that's it 😊not very many would do that respect to Mr Putin,♥️😊

  4. I think him and Joe are old MIB agents. We've all been neuralized

  5. I love how they’re deleting likes and comments right now lol

  6. Biden will forget he was there in an hr

  7. Putin: ….and I'll speak to Snowden about those cyberattacks, don't worry… 😂😂

  8. Focus on dr FoulCHEEZE and ccp bio weapon aka the VID ‼️ Russian Bear never unleashed no bio like the vile dragon ‼️ bwoyKott the dragon

  9. There is something hidden but only I know

  10. Why are all the major news media protecting Biden from speaking with Putin live on air??
    Never mind we already know.

  11. Ever notice how Putin uses the low lectern to make himself look taller?

  12. If the lie is given by the liar to decieve the one that is lying, why not lie to the liar about their lie that they lied about?

  13. STOP! Biden was asked if he trusted Putin and he said yes! This is the same man he called a killer! Didn't the media catigate Trump in Helsinki when he said he believed Putin over the (deep state) FBI?

  14. It's obvious that Putin is not afraid to take questions or even give interviews to hostile fake news MSM like NBC, CNN, ABC, BBC. What a contrast with Dear Leader Biden mummy!

  15. Did slepy Joe manage to stay awake ? 🤣🤣😂 I doubt it. Putin is a real leader 👍

  16. Come on college students can find and fix it

  17. Putin looks bloated and sick,,,we'll give him a yr!,,,who's gonna be his evil commie successor though??

  18. If they can get rid of all nuclear it would have got my attention

  19. out patient treatment means seek out ways to reduce covid symptoms like death but biden supporters with WHO hate that, they also smear canceling holiday travels during early stage of pandemic for both covid19 and h1n1=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ja1lL_f846o

  20. I don't like 2 things here, Realistically Biden isn't exactly being very tough on Russia , I do not know why there is a narrative that Biden is somehow standing up to Putin and all that. It appears like he is tough, because the bar was set so low during the Trump administration . Whether you like it or not Russia is a threat to American national security, we've had 3 presidents Bush, Obama and Trump who have failed to stop russian aggression.. Secondly, there has been a glaringly obvious inconsistency showcased by the Democrats here , they spend so much on welfare but hesitate to spend money on national security?

  21. Putin caved, Good work Mr. President, from a grateful Nation.

  22. What an embarrassment democrats are. Even our enemies are embarrassed for us. Good job dems, you have endangered humanity.

  23. It was smart of Biden to not hold a joint press conference with Putin. He lies almost as much as 45.

  24. Show us the Biden speech also. People want to hear both US and Russia Presidents.

  25. The talks were quite constructive, then he coughs, pauses and looks somewhere else.
    Meanwhile nbc loves the comments and start talking about it like if biden accomplished something.

  26. Biden said… we have the codes and will shut down Russia for a month if you guys keep playing around and you will be assassinated by your own people so sit down be humble.

  27. Bet putin thought how is this potato in charge

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