Putin is prepared to run a ‘war economy’: Browder

Hermitage Capital CEO Bill Browder unpacks Putin’s ‘tight totalitarian ship’ amid calls for increased sanctions on Russia at the World Economic Forum.

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  1. I was Referred to him by someone and I got paid✅

  2. I was Referred to him by someone and I got paid✅

  3. Putin is part of a rogue regime that is running Russia to promote his wealth and welfare. His regime must be wiped off face of earth.

  4. Ukraine should have been better prepared by themselves stop sending money even tho we know it dissapears

  5. It's over and a desperate Zelensky knows it.

  6. How many tight green tee-shirts does this Ukrainian comedian own? I'll bet you he hasn't been wearing the same one on TV for the last 4 months. BTW: The American Senate should have never approved one thin dime for the Ukraine until America's southern boarder was made once again secure. I am very disappointed in the GOP for not doing their job…putting America First. Hi Lindsey Graham and Mitt Romney. F ya both…you spineless little pieces of Obama.

  7. Sanction is nothing russia can stand. Now rubles is in good rate.

  8. America are all rubbish propoganda against Russia. American Gov representative wrote a letter to Pakistan Army General about how displeased they were with Imran Khan. THAT IS YOUR COUP RIGHT THERE FOLKS. THERE IT IS. Of course they deny it. This is what THEY do. Now as to the WHY. Well This is it. IMRAN KHAN OF PAKISTAN refused to agree to sanction Russia. That is why. Interference by powerful America is what is causing war and strife in the world. Will anybody gang up on powerful America? NO. They killed Iraq and invaded. Where was the WAR CRIME tribunal THEN. This has to be sorted first and NOT let slip by American powerful so called allies and priends. POWER CORRUPS. People want and demand world peace. Too much to ask sadly.

  9. Well go a head and stop everything for Russia, so dollar will drop to 30

  10. Don't believe all of the BS you hear about war in Ukraine. What was Biden and Hunter along with Victoria Newland and the regular Obama Swamp People doing there? What were they doing in the Ukraine? Why was Russia and China warning of war if the US kept fukking around on their border? Why didn't Biden just say that Ukraine would not be joining NATO at least any time soon? Why is the USA always fukking around in foreign countries attempting Regime Change? How has that worked out the last fifty years?

  11. This guy is a joke. As much as I don’t want the outcome, Russia is kicking Ukraine all over the place. Facts….
    U.S. media propaganda doesn’t help anyone. Biden was initially late to respond to this, and Russia is making a lot of money.
    The best path is to separate Ukraine, keep NATO out, and find a middle ground.

  12. @ 6:18 Escalation, response , speculation ,,,,, , this is where the news ends. Regular people can't afford fallout shelters , even if they could, affording to maintain a family for years, impossible. So I think we should really just leave that alone until its 100% viable. Your ratings aren't worth scaring regular people who WON'T understand how the media and the government work. At the end of the day this all comes back the the almighty dollar , like everything else, someone needs to get control fast. We're spiraling. We need a substitute teacher (president) , this ones 5 year plan is to stay alive (plagiarize but true lol).

  13. Being reliant on a neighbour you pay for "free wifi" 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♂️

  14. Ukraine president sounds like a raving lunatic. Had his country not been so corrupt in the early 2000s and instead spent the money building up their own army they wouldn't have to go begging the world for help. Countries need to build their own defense.

  15. Want, about Hitler's boy and the Virus labs.

  16. Haha..thats how natural flow of energy works..they cant bend it..they are not god..hahaha

  17. Time to stop this fake war that is killing innocent kids elderly surrender save lives

  18. Comment section bots, U.S. media section American bots, thanks very much

  19. Putin! President worthy of the great, victorious and magnanimous Russian nation!

  20. Davos is the real threat to America 🇺🇸.

  21. Just more deepstate lies….

  22. So how many countries would come to our aid? I'll wait….

  23. USA needs to back off and let the EU decide what they want for themselves. Americans don't want a world war 3

  24. I watched WW2 footage in color and looks so similar to Ukraine Today!

  25. So sad as President Zelensky is begging for help with the enemies!

  26. I think America has given Ukraine more than its fair share. Russia is not a direct threat to America as it is to Europe. Europe is behind about 200% of giving there fair share to Ukraine. . STOP BUYING RUSSIAN OIL!

  27. 6:17 Bill Browder forgot to mention Benghazi…. How can you forget?

  28. There should be a ban on Zelenskyy.

  29. I think his story isn't what he says it is. Not buying what your peddling.

  30. Let’s just have WW3 and get the party started??? WTF?

  31. Let’s just have WW3 and get the party started??? WTF?

  32. Well killing people in Donbass by Zekensky fascist government you are funding and still arming was not criminal?? You who speak about crime, think twice first before stating such things! It seems you too got a tasty lump of laundered money from Ukraine illegitimate government coming into power on blood and deaths of its own people. I only wish you get the deadly viruses developed in the US biolabs first! Lier!!

  33. Keep going Bill Browder!!

  34. Ya ya , Ukraine is winning until there not
    I was in Argentina durning the Fulklands war and Argentina was winning until it wasn’t, the media is just full of it

  35. Every dollar going into the US terrisory , how many people have they killed, calling the kettle black

  36. Any leader going to Davos is doing treason to their country

  37. God, Ukraine is such an Angel?? They are the same as Russia ,,,,NO FREEDOM

  38. World Economic Forum: You will own nothing and be happy.

  39. Amazing, because it's the same thing Biden @Co is doing to America 😅😅😅

  40. those sanctions wont make a difference because putin had no problem in getting $$$ in other ways.

  41. Putin might be prepared to run a war economy but it’s the disenfranchised people of Russia that get to suffer the consequences of his authoritarian decisions. Putin is a living example of the kinds of decisions made by authoritarians that the people that live in the countries they rule have to endure on a daily basis. All you Trumpsters need to take heed of what you get with the kind of guy willing to put aside the rule of law and install himself without any restrictions on his power. Democracy might be a frustratingly slow process but it sure as hell beats having to live under the Putins and Balsonaros and Trumps of the world.