Saturday , January 16 2021
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Putin may challenge US shale industry: Former Shell Oil president

Former Shell Oil President John Hofmeister provides insight into the Russia-Saudi price war sending oil prices plummeting amid coronavirus anxiety. #FoxBusiness

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  1. The US, all wells in the ground stop pumping oil.

  2. A single move from Vladimir Putin almost crash the u.s. oil production .. Imagine if Russians gets really mad with americans..

  3. cheap gasolin, an dpeople are angry for some reason?!?!

  4. Oil at $10 for the next 24 months.

  5. once the shale well is producing keep it running . drilling new one seems bad idea at those price

  6. I can remember in high school some 30+ years ago “The wold would run out of oil by the year 2020”. Guess they were wrong

  7. Trump will outsmart and kick Putins A** on any day!

  8. America capitulated before Russian tyrant, lol.

  9. This is stupid FOX NEWS! We the People have noticed your more recent reporting is not fair or balanced because the democrat socialist have fallen off a cliff and you went right along! Wise up! It is another smear bio weapon attack on Trump and his supporters the others are just stupid and useless social communist that hate America!

  10. Me president and CDC must send the message clear. Everyone regardless they are infected or not must wear face masks, hand gloves and goggles. Do not touch your faces, mouth, nose and eyes ABSOLUTELY NOT. This is the 95 percent of the way people get infected….I see people are not still taking this seriously not wearing masks and infecting others….Please protect yourself and everyone else….

  11. What did she say ? I was to busy trying to figure out if that anchor chain on her neck was silver or platinum 🤷🏻‍♂️🤔🤔🤔

  12. I strongly believe that the future of our industry is better off without the shale producers – greed is really what was behind this scam..hopefully that current conditions will help re organize the world oil market and get ride of the scam

  13. Successful companies Mr Es Shell executive don’t go bankrupt few weeks after an oil turmoil – I believe that Russia has finally exposed the shale ponzi. I was a drilling engineer at the beginning and early days of shale in Canada and the US and the decline rate we’ve seen early days was a red flag. These heavily leveraged shale companies can get away with financing old loans with new loans – a joke !!

  14. Electric Cars will end the oil game

  15. Wait, didn't MBS in a kaotic tantrum flood the market with oil, but ofcourse putin made him do that with his advanced psyop mind control tech.

  16. Former Shell Oil President John Hofmeister made quite of foolish and ridiculous statement: "Putin is very angry at the United States success…. ". My guess is, he is demonizing a successful leader for political gains. He is just like Hilary who once said that "Trump supporters are a Basket of deplorables," and in fact it is him who is angry at Putin's success as a statesman. And BTW it is SA who started the price war, not Putin. SA wanted Russia to cut production, Russia wanted to extend the existing agreement.

  17. Russia needs the oil revenues? Russia has half a trillion in reserves saved up. They can literally do this for years.

  18. I'm surprised fox isn't classed as fake news

  19. Caption blames Putin, content indicts MBS. Lol great reporting.

  20. I see no problem with observing the glut-greed financiers and unforgiving corporate gorgons keenly destroying America's huge rural environments in pursuit of their Holy Grail It was all about insane lusting for huge profits….come hell or highly toxic drinking waters now leading to their own ruin and destruction. The Shale Oil Industry is an industry that should never have begun. A young school kid could've predicted their duly deserving collapse.

  21. Saudi Arabia stop Putins ambitions of terrorism in the world.

  22. Russia is going to bring both the U.S and Saudi Arabia to its knees!!!

  23. Poccya 1111111111111111111111111

  24. Enjoy tough answer to your sanctions…

  25. Everything blame to Russia and president Putin am sick and Thayer to hear it’s a business game if you lose you lose

  26. Shell , clean up Nigeria first

  27. "putin is angry about sucsess of us shale companies "…WTF.??…US is hitting russia with sanctions and is also sanctioning countries who do any business with russia…DON'T YOU THINK THAT AT SOME POINT THEY WOULD RECIPROCATE AND HIT US WHERE IT HURTS ?

  28. US Is just a Very FAKE ECONOMY
    Printing $$$ . Ran by Exxon, Mobil, Haliburton etc.
    Shame They (US). Control EVERYTHING.

  29. Saudia have military budget more then Russia , they have the most modern American weapon , and USA as an a friend .
    Russia has no chance against Saudits.

  30. MBS the Saudi Prince and America's ally poured oil on the market, because Putin refused to lower oil production. But notice the propaganda twists it—-Putin Did It!

  31. Time to boost my oil company holdings. Buy low sell high is my motto (even though I usually buy high and sell low).

  32. I wouldn't worry about these oil companies at the moment. They have taken and continue to rake it in from us mainstreeters and poor working class. We have our own surviving from this virus to attend to.

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