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Putin On Ukraine Call: President Donald Trump Opponents Are 'Using Any Pretext To Attack' | NBC News

Russian President Vladimir Putin compared the controversial call between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, referring to both as “pretexts” to attack Trump.
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Putin On Ukraine Call: President Donald Trump Opponents Are ‘Using Any Pretext To Attack’ | NBC News


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  5. Don't you ever get tired of all this vanity greed and bs? Don't worry be happy!

  6. what ever happened to Journalism? they sound so stupid these days, no wonder Trump is becoming more popular around the world! people are not buying what the Fake news is selling anymore!

  7. American press is now being mocked on a daily basis. The clowns are good att putting up a good show

  8. Jesus Christ died for your sins on a cross and rose again after three days. You have committed evil deeds, as we all have done. God is a just judge, and must punish you for these sins, because he is perfect by his nature. But God loves you, does not want to punish you. This is why God took the form of a man, Jesus Christ, and died as a sacrifice for your sins on a cross. He was punished for your sins, so that you could be made righteous in God's sight. After three days, Jesus rose again, because it is impossible for him to have been held down by death.

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  9. President Putin is correct regarding the mainstream media's maltreatment of President Trump.

  10. Everyone is laughing at the American press. Now they openly mock them.

  11. He's one man. Everyone, everywhere knows this. Time for the best of the best from all over the world to take action. The longer we do nothing the longer people will suffer. Enough. There's nothing smart about making the same mistakes and expecting different results.

  12. Fvck Putin, fvck Russian troll-bots, fvck tRump and fvck YOU if you support either of them. So there's that.

  13. Putin is a political genius

  14. Triggered liberals everywhere lol. Forget Hillary and Obama sold uranium to Russia. I thought Ukraine was trumps enemy? Since the russian collusion hoax fell apart now it’s Ukraine collusion lmfao. 🇺🇸 🇷🇺

  15. He said nothing of consequence.

  16. GOD BLESS PUTIN !!!! <3 <3

  17. I'm done w/nbc news. Good luck w/traitor trump.

  18. GOP Gubmint Of Putin


  19. If it was a Russian whistleblower trying to reveal what thuggery Putin has said on the phone, they’ve have accidentally decapitated themselves while trying to open their apartment front door. Ask Putin when he’s giving back the part of The Ukraine that he stole, and what reparations he’ll make for the thousands of Ukrainian soldiers his troops murdered fighting to keep what he illegally annexed.

  20. This journalist is a joke!

  21. There you go all you LYING,FAKE NEWS REPORTERS,Even Obama's Pal Putin can see THE LIES BY SCHIFF,PELOSI,AND THE CORRUPT MEDIA!!!

  22. Putin wanted Hillary because he owned her. She was expensive ($145,000,000) but she could be bought.

  23. Does it bother the rethiglicans at all that Putin is also attacking our congress for exercising its rights u get our constitution? Seriously folks, is it that difficult for you to see how corrupt tRump is???

  24. I know this: I am definitely not attracted to a party who loves rats and needles and poop all over the streets, while people pass on from the arrogance of poor leadership and private agendas. This is a country; not a TOY CHEST! Poor Adam; he looks like he suffers from extreme thyroid difficulties-exophthalmos; eyes bugging out, or is that just greed and stupidity???

  25. Want to see what treason and traitors look like? Scroll through the comment section and look at the right wing sycophants and trolls siding with a dictator over their elected representatives. Disagreement is one thing, but right wingers in this country don't know how to civilly disagree anymore. They'll just cozy up to foreign powers because that's what "real red blooded patriots do, 'Merica!"

  26. At least the Repubs are consistent with their colors ..red commies

  27. Evil Trump IS Putin's Puppet.
    Murdering Monster Putin put Trump in our White House.
    He's deeply into doing it again.
    Just check out how many Russian Trolls are on this channel.

  28. Lol what close relationship? US Russia relations are at their lowest point.

  29. Putin needs to sit down and stfu. He is a murdering criminal, an enemy, a liar, and he wants a war. Give him one. Shoot down his planes, sink his ships when they menace…. we have been living in fear of a war w these pos Russkies for 75yrs. Get it done. Wipe em out.

  30. Even Putin can see what is really happening in USA. Which is more than can be said for the selectively blind and deaf NBC crew.

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