Tuesday , December 1 2020
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Putin Talks Trump, 2020 Election On Moscow Panel | NBC Nightly News

With growing focus on the conversation between President Trump and Ukraine’s president, Russian President Vladimir Putin tells NBC News’ Keir Simmons that he’s open to the release of notes of some of his conversations with President Trump. He also joked that Russia would “definitely intervene” in the upcoming 2020 election.
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Putin Talks Trump, 2020 Election On Moscow Panel | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Is that filler in his face? Weird.

  2. The smoking gun right here. Well done NBC.


  4. move on folks just another feeble minded Englishman who became a "journalist" Imbecile on display

  5. October 7 1952 happy birthday Mr Putin. Mr Trump do not send flowers!!

  6. Putin just trolling the left lmao epic

  7. Putin:
    "If you are suckers, it’s not my fault"!(c)

  8. Please Putin Nuke california and save us from the demonic democrats!

  9. No one does has a Shipping Tablet named Pug-Barr

  10. Drawing wic in second gear,,its 187,000 prepar,,drawing 5 more Ostentease,,its 229,84-gar,,if you pebble pumice and use rubber corker, post,,No one feeds '47 Swooping Ronald at_ _Most.

  11. My treas-surly is fussy,,Its Lighthouse 8-00 Rr,,if you find its white and granise template hobble car. If yiu bring this up with Miriam,,and the Faghot Lump Hong-kgnorr,,no one has a shipping cub company named-pig-Bar

  12. My Bo-log-na has a First name,,Its Chi-eine-fine-UR,,My Snapping Turtle is Fussy,,Its no D-I-o-R,,if tou float and sniff for graph. You'll 'wine up Betine in Stew. No one bumps anything but Panue-lina Flu.

  13. Putin is gold
    triggering liberals 🙂

  14. Trump will win again! sorry weirdos and freaks!

  15. I do not believe Putin was elected fairly or is an honest person. He's a pedophile going for that young gymnast.

  16. Americans are literally stupid when it comes to putin. He isnt our friend! The only thing stopping him from steamrolling us is M.A.D. But be assured the second they develop a way to destroy/deflect our incoming ICBM's they will take us out. And what do you think they are working on ? besides more weapons.


  17. Only one minute thirtytwo seconds for Putin?!
    Are you nuts?

  18. How could you trade me for a snowed in let's just when I took my clothes off in and stuck it up for if she hadn't been born yet but anyway nice artwork

  19. The news reporters are the biggest clowns in all this.

  20. The Kremlin deserves to be nuked over their unforgivable act of war against the USA when they interfered with our elections. Treasonous Trump and Moscow Mitch both deserve to spend the rest of their anti-American lives in PRISON!
    Lock them up!
    Lock them up!
    Lock them up!

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