Putin Tells Russian Military Mothers: 'We Share Your Pain'

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday met the mothers of soldiers who had been fighting in Ukraine, telling them that he and the entire Russian leadership shared their suffering.
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  1. The POS doesn’t even make eye contact with them. A noose can’t find Putler’s neck soon enough

  2. Unfortunately, it turned out that many of the women had already been photographed with Putin at various events, they could be seen in the background. here is the name of the video "Update from Ukraine | Ukraine on counterattack | The key battle for Melitopol is coming soon" video by denys davydov. these images can be seen at minute 8.40. I can't understand why our journalists don't research this themselves.

  3. Putins meeting of the mothers was NOT THE MOTHERS. Many of the women have now been identified on previous media and photos associated with putin regime.
    At 3:14

  4. Pootin lies. Pootin is a liar.

  5. Fake. Trauernde Mütter sehen anders aus. Das sind Putinanhängerinnen, die für den Auftritt bezahlt wurde.

  6. Putinitler e associados terroristas sangrentos que matam principalmente no mundo pela fome, que matam 3 russos por cada ucraniano que matam, que matam a Ucrania , que matam a Russia, destroiem o mundo com a sua influência maléfica, mas não matarão a Europa….Putinitler e associados terroristas sangrentos que matam principalmente no mundo pela fome, que matam 3 russos por cada ucraniano que matam, que matam a Ucrania , que matam a Russia, destroiem o mundo com a sua influência maléfica, mas não matarão a Europa….


  7. He looks so weak and feeble, the most he feel sad about is his frozen assets being seized, and gas revenues plummeting.

  8. The only pain he is having is so many leaving the country not wanting their mothers to witness this performance.

  9. Their faces while he was talking…said it all

  10. The NERVE 😡 he can barely look any of these Mothers in the eye! Shameless brute, he’s choking on his lies!

  11. He is safe, alive, and well from a war he started and could end at anytime he wanted to. Don't let him play in your face…this is not something that just unfortunately happened. He sent your children off to die to stroke his ego.

  12. Lmao no he doesn't but with any luck soon he will 🙂

  13. how could putin share the pain of any one or even all of the mothers of his massacred soldiers..please explain ?

  14. Then don't send them off to fight a war that should have never even existed!

  15. Nah, pretty sure he can accept all the blame on this one. No need to share anything.

  16. To share their pain have your children defend your country put them in a hero boots …

  17. Can’t look any mother in their eyes to save his soul.

  18. The Guardian yesterday detailed that at least three of these women are staunch Putin agents, basically.

    One is the wife of a Chechnyan warlord (off busy fighting with their teenage sons, at least one of whom the dad was saying was 'merciless', which makes one wonder what they've been up to in Ukraine); one is a Kremlin propagandist who was happy to zip off to briefly occupied Ukraine to make Pro-Invasion/Putin videos recently; and a third is also a well-known ultra-Nationalist who rabidly backs Everything Putin says and does.

    Not exactly representative of Russia's ordinary poor mothers and wives, who are out of their minds with worry about their men, and getting blanked by Putin and the Kremlin.

  19. And what about the mothers of the children he purposely targeted on playgrounds? Don't give dictators a platform to spread propaganda.

  20. 16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. 17 For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.18 “He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. John 3:16-18 NKJV

  21. You don't share them women's pain! You stole their men an told them you made them fight your a coward

  22. “We share your pain.” Here in the US, the far right has a similar catch phase . . . “Our thoughts and prayers are with the families” after mass shootings. Translation: we don’t give a F because we are fascist.

  23. BS. If you cared. Wouldn’t have a war to start with/ have your family fight your war! Leave young men alone.

  24. Those women didn’t seem too happy with Putin.

  25. But Putin has no sons to send to the war in Ukraine!

  26. In most cultures, the sons are seen as the breadwinner… Now, these mothers have no sons to take care of them… they cannot be replaced. Condolences for both sides of the war… war is terrible… it brings out the worst in humanity…

  27. At least Putin apologized to the Parents of the deceased soldier.
    Joe Biden just stood there and checked his watch when 13 dead Marines and their Corpman remains returned from his Kabul Airport surrender.

  28. He will never know Pain until he sends his own daughters into war

  29. Share the pain that HE IS CAUSING. Hopefully Putin will be held for war crimes.