Putin tours Russian-occupied city of Mariupol

Russian President Vladimir Putin toured the war-ravaged city of Mariupol in what is believed to be his first trip to a recently Russian-occupied Ukrainian city since the war began. The news comes after the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Putin, accusing him of war crimes. NBC News’ Matt Bradley has the story.

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  1. American….The Genocide Expert

  2. NATO expansion is a cause for the deadly war.

  3. You mean his forces liberated😊… It's Iraq Afghanistan and Syria that was decimated

  4. Imagine if west had a real leader like Russia we would be unstoppable but sadly we got the clowns we got

  5. It was a big surprise when I received an alert of $6500 into my PayPal account without pending issues I’m grateful for that Maskoffaid

  6. It was a big surprise when I received an alert of $6500 into my PayPal account without pending issues I’m grateful for that Maskoffaid

  7. The important is there are not “Homeless” in mariupol that’s is a True Leader 😊.. Not the other Countries 🙊

  8. Didn't the citizen's vote to join Russia??? That wouldn't make it occupied, it would make it Russian.

  9. A guy who really cares about his people.

  10. NBC is laughably bad propaganda. 😂

  11. CNN sure Loves Ukraine!! I’m sure they’re donating 10% of their add revenue to Ukraine. They care so much and all.

  12. The real putin is at home getting cleaned up after pooping himself over and over again.

  13. That was definitely his body double…….. 💯

  14. Americans love Vladimir Putin👍👍👍👍 Go russia go

  15. It doesn't matter how much propaganda You spell We're not sending our children to go fight in Ukraine .
    not our problem Let the Ukrainians fight Russia
    Furthermore Maybe we should spend our money right here where it's needed
    In case you haven't noticed the majority of homeless people are senior citizens now Give the billions to them It is their money after all.

  16. It’s mostly russians there anyways, why wouldn’t they be happy to see him since he liberated them from the Ukrainian nazis.

  17. Snipers, acquire target and fire at will.

  18. You will never hear or see the truth from MSM.

  19. 😍 ZZZ 💤 Russia 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺
    Работайте, братья! Путин – ты молодец 👏

  20. 😂 Vladimir is the best!!!

  21. All it takes is one kamikaze drone

  22. Why they mad at Putin touring his new city? If you don't like it. Get out of town!

  23. I hope Putin takes a tour to Kiev soon

  24. next power move….. putin tours the mexican-american border

  25. Listen to the propagandized depiction. Or not.

  26. A blood-soaked Soviet Russian swine.

  27. the real Putin don't move his right hand like that back and forward

  28. many people believed that was the real Putin, how innocent people can be?

  29. Good job putin ! Warrant arrest joe biden ! ×ping and putin join together

  30. That’s Putin? I didn’t recognize him without a kosher skin pickle in his mouth