Putin will be ‘haunt(ed) for the rest of his life’ by warrant, former ambassador says

The International Criminal Court submitted an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin for his alleged involvement in war crimes in Ukraine. Former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul joins Meet the Press NOW to discuss the warrant’s international legal standing and potential Chinese involvement with Russia in its war.

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  1. you wanna talk about the half a million kids in Iraq Michael?

  2. Give me a brake this gie is so full of it.

  3. USA become member of ICC? WOULD THAT MADE SEVERAL WARRANTS FOR USA presidents must be made also!?🤣🤣🤣

  4. Ha! So does Cuban president in the 90s.

  5. 🚽 paper warrant 😂😂

  6. Grande PUTIN..🤍💙❤💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  7. Its okey US attacked IRAQ but other nation cannot attacked others.

  8. How about your own country and your Ex evil President Bush and his Ex Girlfriend Tony B

  9. What struck me the most is when he ( the Former US Ambassador), mentioned to give "more weapons" to Ukraine!
    Does he knows that the Ukr Armies are already quite decimated? And the country quite destroyed?
    So, WW III?
    The "Final Solution"?…Uhh?
    "More weapons"? Really?
    This Ukrainian war should never had happen.
    Why this silliness now?
    Pushing Russian to the extreme will not stop the formation of a new major economic block such as BRIC. The West will have new, big, partners!
    This "International Arest" procedure is not of a good Oman!
    Attempting to destabilize Russia now may not be a good idea…I am afraid It won't stop the grinding machine now nor restore/solve the World econmy soon!
    Does talking about Peace is the crime now?
    Why not accepting the fact that this war did go too far?
    Further, the accusations are too political and look almost desperate, to be credible after 70 years of wars in different countries in which the "West" was highly involved in utilizing forbidden ordinances.
    Madness!…Pure madness!

  10. The long as you giving weapons this war will last… not end

  11. The man is 70 years he will spend another ten years leading Russia by that time he would have mended the relationship between Russia and america

  12. This guest I don’t know why always living in a dream… 7-8 month ago this same dumb politician said that Russia is out weapons and missile and zelensky will wipe out Russian from Ukraine by Feb or March but nothing has happened and now again he created a new dream that he will get arrested once he will overthrown…😅😅😅😅😅… someone plz suggest him to do check up from doctor…🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Trump is cozy with Putin. Xi bolsters Putin. And tfg and his minions dare to call democracy loving progressive democrats communists?

  14. ICC is just another EU and West tool used against Russia. World community is watching this event with very negative out come for ICC and Europe.

    Removing children from a war zone in Eastern Ukraines by Russian gvt is seen as compassionate , caring acts by the Russian state. Thousand of these children removed from the war zones and being looked after by Russian state and as this Proxy war continues , finding a stable life and routine with foster families homes – is surely best solution for the children education and future progress and growth.

    If and when those children families are found and families have contacted Russian state children welfare agency.

    Russia has returned those children to the parents and or illegal guardian, when their parent have approached Russian .Children welfare agency.

    ICC and western political, media are politically motivated to demonize anything and All Russian. -Even Russian state, leaders !

    ICC actions have put a nail in its own coffin , for the future and lost all credibility and trust across world community and leadership. !

  15. Don’t you have to think for a thousand times of arrest GW Bush first 🤷🏻

  16. Warrants for Biden and Harris will have same effect: zero. Zelinsky, however….

  17. Two lying murderous backstabbing thieves working together, I wonder who's going to screw over who first because that's their motto always


  19. On the other hand, Russia can hunt the claimed hunter.

  20. ICC ignored the videos we've seen of Ukrainian drones dropping chemical weapons.
    The ICC will dissolve upon collapse of the liberal world order.

  21. Meanwhile Fauci and the people who 'accidentally' released the COVID infected bat will never see a day in any jail! I guess years of action movies have made people sympathetic to the evil villains!

  22. its basicly a travel ban. keeps him out of the countries that take part in this particular law. Nothing hypocritcal about this. means nothing to Putin as long as he doesnt want to go anywhere so yeah it has a small effect. and the slight chance he did travel and get arrested lol far fetched but hilarious slip up on his part.

  23. Great, but what about Abiy Ahmed Ali and his partners in crime, the people who are responsible for the death of over one million people in two years. If this is all about democracy and justice, the ICC should start by issuing arrest warrant to Mr Abiy and his partners, unless Ukrainian lives matter more than Ethiopian lives.


  25. No Where to Run – No Where to Hide.

    2,000# projectiles were fired by the battleship New Jersey against North Viet Nam and the war was being won in the Narrow Part of North Viet Nam where the North Vietnamese travelled at nite with supplies. They were being decimated. These projectiles blew a hole in the ground one hundred and twenty yards wide.

    N. Vietnam was about to give up supplying the Viet Cong. The US Congress stopped this inhumane action, and the war was lost.

    So just imagine what 2,000# bombs will do to the Ruzzies. Paybacks are a mother. Wagoners will be in little pieces. The devastation of these 2,000# bombs may wake Putin up. Drop a few 2,000# bombs on these turds in Bakhmut and see their will to fight after that.

    Just where are Ukraine’s supposed 2,000# Bombs????

  26. Russia and China is just like Germany and Japan from WW2

  27. Russia don't care no one going to arrest him
    He's only in danger if he leave to 123 country that recognize the ICC warrant he still got about 70 80 other countries he can visit

  28. first try to touch him then you see what happens to the international court

  29. 0:35 funny how no American has been charged for war crimes 😂😂😂😂

  30. U.S. media hyping up the wartime rhetoric, same as always.

  31. American really want to control the world regarding where they should go? arrh

  32. Whatever you are smoking. I want some!

    Tip: you are talking about criminals that run countries here.
    If you killed him off. Someone else would step up to gain control and continue business in most cases.

    Putin and China and North Korea are tagging together as a super criminal power! To big for AMERICA AND N.A.T.O.!

  33. I don't understand why the American government doesn't put a $1 billion claim on Putin's head. Anyone anywhere on planet earth by any means who kills Putin will receive an immediate $1 billion deposit. Guarantee this would solve the problem pretty quickly.

  34. America needs to reckon with its' own war criminals before we start going after anyone else.

  35. 😂😂😂😂😂icc

  36. Enough Comedy for today. Good night guys.😊

  37. Please get off putins case his country is growing while the united states banks are collapsing we are playing a dangerous game that we aren't ready for