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Putting the economy back to work: Who has the power, states or Trump? | Just The FAQs

The 10th Amendment protects state powers and puts a hamper on presidential powers. Here’s how the fight for control is playing out today.

America has been battered by job losses during the coronavirus pandemic, with some of the worst occurring in key swing states ahead of the U.S. presidential election in November.

Roughly 21% of workers in Michigan have applied for unemployment benefits over the past four weeks, while 19.8% filed jobless claims in Pennsylvania, according to data compiled by USA TODAY.

Nevada and Ohio, two other critical battleground states in 2020, stand at 19.3% and 14.6%, respectively.

More than 22 million people have applied for unemployment claims over the past month, or about 14% of the workforce, wiping out all of the job gains since the Great Recession.

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  1. Who has the power? Trump is not an "I" person. Why do you want to insinuate he is a dictator? The government has the power.

  2. Would someone please explain this to our Idiot in Chief? Or will we have to explain it, at the risk of our lives, in November? Corporal Bone Spurs says he's a "war time" president. But the only time he gets down in the trenches is when he's fighting to keep his ass out of jail after the November vote by keeping his taxes hidden…

  3. German tabloid 'Bild' demands China Pay Coronavirus damages

  4. German tabloid 'Bild' demands China Pay Coronavirus damages

  5. We. The. People. Media excluded
    Just like our representatives exclude US

  6. The Power of Pointing Fingers on the other is always automatic when it comes to failures.

  7. awesome video keep it up dude, want to collab? :O

  8. "Unless otherwise surrendered"

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