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Quarantine Weight Loss Diet | Lockdown/Quarantine Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Quarantine Weight Loss Diet | Lockdown Diet Plan For Weight Loss | Quarantine Diet Plan For Weight Loss | Lose 5Kgs with the readily available foods for People on Self Isolation / Quarantine or 21 Day Lock Down Period.
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  1. Can we also add turmeric to ginger and lime drink in the morning

  2. What is chikni flour????

  3. Can breastfeeding mum follow the video

  4. Hy Vicky.
    This diet is very tasty and so fullfiling..
    Thank u for share this diet..

  5. You are amazing Vicky, you still thinking about people's diet although in pandemic situation. Hug and love from Indonesia.. 😍😘

  6. Can we do water fasting during quarantine
    Plz ans

  7. Can I use your dal soup for dinner

  8. Aoa versatile vicky kia ma apki aik diet plan krny k bad dosara doet plan 2 din ki break sy start kr sakti hn or esy hi 2 2 din ki bresk kr k 3 r diet plan follow kr sakti hn plz reply fast???

  9. Just for everyone to know … me n my husband started this deit n today we are on day three … n both of us have lost 2 kgs each … cant believe it still om day 3 … thnku vicky …. will keep u guys updated till day 7

  10. Hello Vicky your every plan is amazing I have lost 5 kg in 3 monthly.😊plz upload non veg summer diet plan to loose 5 kg in a month

  11. Hi Vicky… Iam mad about your videos… May be iam the first person to literally waiting for your videos. Meanwhile can you please make video of immunity food diet for 6 years old kid. Please darling♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


  13. Please do a video for baby gain my children are fussy eaters they are 1year and 2 years

  14. No food can protect us against the virus once it's inside our body. All Vit c and other antiviral foods do is boosting our immunity that speed up our recovery.

  15. Is wellwomen tablet a good multi vitamin tablet ?

  16. Ma’am easy diet plan for ramadan as well!?

  17. Ma’am easy diet plan for ramadan as well!?

  18. Mam hindimay video banayea pls

  19. Thank you so much for all your wonderful diet plans. Works best for me. I lost 35 kg post pregnancy by following your different diets in 8 months. Thanks again.

  20. New subscriber! 🙂🙃

  21. Did this help to loss 5kg in a week or 21 days?

  22. You can make a 5 second water hack and just simple loose a weight

  23. Urdu main nhi bnai vedio?

  24. Mam kindly say in egg diet can I take 2 times oats meal and lunch I take 3 eggs

  25. Im in love with your voice ❤️

  26. Can I HV jaggery during my diet ?

  27. thyroid patients can use??

  28. Best part was at the end.🤣😂

  29. M gonna start from today .
    Will share whole experience on my channel 😋 I love u Vicky
    I tried ur pcos drink
    Thank you
    These all things I have in my home 🖐🏼
    Stay safe
    Stay at home ♥️

  30. I love your voice ma'am,i am u r big fan, and i am trust you so much..

  31. And mam plz post a video for wanted facial hair on face like upper lip…. chinna and chicks ……

  32. Hello hi mam thanks lot for Ur reply mam .but I want to no sm think mam as I told u before …after 5montgs me got my periods for Ur golden drink .na mam ….n me continuing but this month I didt got …. So me shld continue the golden ring or Oly monthly once me shld drink .n as u told me PCOD tea.to drink that allso months once or as u told like one week or 15days pls let .me no mam .me suffering for more irregular periods sake of that my stomach n body gaining weight

  33. Mam pls explain walter kempner rice diet plan

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