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Questions swirl after accused sex trafficker died by suicide in his jail cell

Authorities and politicians say the criminal case against Epstein doesn’t end with his death.

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  1. They raid the island weeks after he is arrested!! Speak to this please, if you consider yourselves journalists at all.

  2. These news reporter fucks need to be held accountable for treason

  3. Him dying (that is, if he really is dead) makes things worse for everyone who was involved with him.

  4. Has anyone seen his body? He was about to expose alot of very important people,he's peobally kicked back on a island somewear. Or.they has him killed. But.I bet money they rolled him out in a body bag alive!

  5. Why don't they say apparent suicide has there even been an autopsy yet

  6. It has nothing to do with the people who wanted justice. In jail they have their own justice

  7. KOA he was marked before he walked in that jail.

  8. Calling this a "suicide" is insulting to our intelligence. Some people clearly think he's still alive, but more likely I think this was a hit job. One of the elites that used to hang out with him and rape kids had him murdered. He had ties with Trump, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz (fuck that guy) and probably scores of other people. Any one of which could have had this guy murdered. This bullshit "suicide" stinks all the way up to heaven. I'm sick of this. The rich and powerful can rape children for years and years and flaunt it in our faces cause they know they can get away with anything.

  9. How did he "torture" them? This sounds like a bunch of lies

  10. Some of these accusers just sound like typical hoes. You made bad decisions but now it's trafficking? I don't buy it.

  11. He was killed and the Clintons made it happen.

  12. Oh he got money money… 🤫🤭👀

  13. PROTECT Giuffre. Do not let her hang herself or have a heart attack.

  14. suicide by murder?? just ask the HELLARY FOUNDATION….the professionals

  15. I bet Epstein is free as a bird…

  16. DAMN was hoping someone woulda fucked him with a broomstick

  17. Does anybody really care that the pervert killed himself ????

  18. Smells fishy! I can smell it from here!

  19. So the guards were overworked and the camera was not working. How convenient.

  20. The dems are breathing a sigh of relief.

  21. LIARS!!! he is half way around the world to the NEW PEDO ISLAND

  22. #1 issue Underage girls are dressing like porn stars.

    Lol Seems like you never went to church🙏🏼 You Should Go When Your Free to redeem Your Sins Ladies

  23. It is interesting that the Clinton conspiracy theories appeared immediately after Epstein's death, as if they had already been written and the distribution preplanned. What is even more interesting is that the prison is part of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, whose interim Director, Hugh Hurwitz, reports to Attorney General William Barr, who will be supervising the FBI investigation into the death and has refused the help of the NYPD on the grounds that the prison is Federal property. There is someone else with ties to Epstein who certainly had a much easier path to clearing him from suicide watch than Bill Clinton. Just saying.

  24. How about Epstein-Trump conspiracy theory. Why are all conspiracy theories fabricated by the right wing radicals who are trying to help Trump by doing so? Disinformation, Conspiracy theory, and Propaganda are the right-wing thing. Don't believe anything that Trump promotes. Trump is Disinformation by his very nature.

  25. And all his friends get away, never going to trial. Swept under the rug… dead witnesses. Traded little girls for money….Blackmail people with money and power… Murder cover up😱😱😱

  26. ABC News has no proof that this was a suicide as they are reporting.

  27. Fishy fishy….he did not commit suicide was a paid bet is on Trump/Barr

  28. Please investigate the George-Mitchell allegation to see if the alleged sex happened when he was Chairman of the Board for Disney/ABC

  29. you know what I want some kind of proof he's dead I don't believe he is I believe he paid people to fake his death after all he's a billionaire I don't believe it I want concrete proof he's dead

  30. “Now Jeffrey, I’m just gonna leave this long piece of rope here while I go refill my coffee. No suiciding while I’m gone, promise?”

  31. For all WE know, they could have flown him out to some island, and then killed him THERE.  Then took photos and flown his body back to the U.S.  They are holding on to the body.  I'm just saying, that We Don't Know Anything.

  32. Choose A) He killed himself, or B) He was murdered.  That's it, people.  You have NO other choices, according to ABC News.

  33. Way too many people on this thread just dismissing the alternative that he is alive.  Sure makes me question the credibility of ABC News.  You know, there are LOT of people who believe he is still alive.  Where are Those people, ABC ??

  34. human rights and democracy huh? lol

  35. It was a hit. No other logical solution.

  36. How much in tax dollars does it cost for all these investigations?

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