Radical-minded politicians are hurting people of color: Retired NYPD officer

Retired NYPD officer Bill Stanton weighs in on the rise of violence across cities in the United States and the growing retirements and resignations from officers on ‘The Evening Edit.’
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  1. This is what anti cop sentiment looks like and bail reform defunding the police and everything else in between. This is why cops are retiring left and right because they are afraid to do their Jobs for fearing criminal charges against them. And also they don't have any kind of support from the political leadership anymore. Pretty soon you call 911 and they probably send Mr Rogers on a skateboard.

  2. People of color includes all of us. Yes these radical imbeciles are hurting our way of life and our peace. Isn't time we gave them the message that it is not acceptable anymore??

  3. I never thought that there could be a worse mayor in NYC… But I was wrong, this mayor is the worse one yet…

  4. I'd like to retire with an investment worth atleast $4MILLION and I'm ready to work towards this goal, I've come across investors making as much $75,000 on a monthly basis and I'd like to know what step and guidelines I need to make better profit

  5. The Dems should be financially held responsible for Americans harmed in anyway.

  6. Everyone of those people helping that crook escape should be put on a list & if they should EVER call for police assistance.. well, maybe you just aren't able to make it right now..

  7. The cops need to get out. It’s over let um have it. Let um rot. Cops are not the enemy.

  8. Being a senior citizen law and order was a given and people could walk anywhere and feel safe. Not today.

  9. Voting has consequences.

  10. This is a perfect example of WHY the during the "Uvalde Shooting", our police enter every situation hand cuffed before they can even start to do their job!!!!

  11. What a hypocritical coward he is. Open the borders but keep them out of HER state? Doesn't work that way. Each state should have to absorb more of these "asylum seekers".

  12. Alvin Bragg is a criminal. No doubt about it.

  13. CCP will cause so much trouble, trump gains office because he is known to be tuff on China Communist party CCP. Thank you Mr Trump hurry into office

  14. CCP is doing that, it's working so up fund causing more instability before trump gets into office

  15. STOP THE RADICALS FROM DESTABILIZE AMERICA WITH YOU OUR BODY AND MIND, IF U GOT ANY BALLS. Last man got fired for have balls enough, so the people being paid by other government to destabilize USA
    -are you paying attention yet-

  16. There being paid to destabilize USA. Help your police. STOP the actions of the radicals at the attack moment, to make a personal stand as well helping cops to keep the stability.

  17. I am 45 years old with very little set aside for retirement at this point. I have always been curious about the stock market and have witnessed some people who played the game right and retired early because they used the stock market. When I ask them, most said that they invested very little to start with, but their portfolio grew. I do have a significant amount of capital that is required to start up but I have no idea what strategies and direction I need to approach to help me make decent returns

  18. Should have arrest all of the lowlife's

  19. I hate to let you know but you're late for the party we've been telling everybody that the Democrats are targeting the black community but the black community voted for them the black community wanted to be slaves again they voted for it they're going to get it we try to tell y'all you was voting for new slave masters but you didn't listen now you have live with your consequences for yourself and your children's children

  20. Those people interfering need to sent to jail as well. This is utterly ridiculous. Teach your children how to RESPECT other people and other people's property! Bunch of animals.

  21. You get what you vote for.

  22. The Police Force should be honored. Hey BLM if you dont like the police then dont call them when your introuble.

  23. These so called leaders are pushing lawlessness.

  24. I live in NC and we had an entire police department quit. You don't want police around . Good luck.

    You had better vote for pro gun laws and conceal/carry. Can't have it both ways.

  25. Oh loook all bl😂😂😂😂😂ck

  26. I can care less, because the liberals keep voting in far left liberals politicians so they get what they deserve. I hope they all become victims of crime.

  27. If I was a cop, I would retire handing my gun, taser to the appropriate politician telling them to police the city or town etc, then go to the Media and/or podcasters to tell them why you had done so!

  28. I am sure while the politicians, the DAs are releasing criminals yet hopeful to defund the police have in fact private security guards, comprising former police & military personnel, protect them. This is absolutely disgusting, as are the politicians & DAs!

  29. Jumping the turn for the train and trying to arrest him wtf

  30. This dumb F is a typical democrat

  31. It's going to get worse with this awb

  32. Radical minded politicians are just like the marionette and the radical idealism is the strings controlling them.

  33. Many cops lost my respect when they strictly enforced COVID measures . Yet allowed looters to run rampant in my neighborhood in DC .

  34. When are the stupid people going to wake up and stop voting for dumbass democrats ?

  35. On July 11, 2022, Senate Republicans blocked a bill that would have authorized federal agencies to monitor domestic terrorism within the U.S., including incidents involving white supremacy.