Sunday , November 29 2020
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Radioactive: Kansas – 'Run the wall and everyone else gets it, except him' | NASCAR RACE HUB

The very best scanner sound from the Hollywood Casino 400 at Kansas Speedway.

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Radioactive: Kansas – ‘Run the wall and everyone else gets it, except him’ | NASCAR RACE HUB

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  1. What did you think about this race?

  2. Lmao bubba Wallace the only driver to blame the race track for his car wanting to hit the wall

  3. "42's going to try to go outside. I don't know why."
    Have you not seen Larson race? Like ever?

  4. Gase Is a idiot lapped cars shouldn’t make the leaders change thare line

  5. I still think it's Denny's championship to lose if/when he makes it to Homestead. Kyle Busch has really fallen off, MTJ is 2nd best this year, SHR has kinda been hit or miss, Chase has been inconsistent, Penske is a wildcard, Larson's been on a charge the past few weeks and may throw a wildcard into the mix as well. These next three weeks will be deathly important, especially for Larson if he want's a spot in the Final Four. I think Denny, Logano, or Truex can win Martinsville, Harvick and Blaney could win Texas, Kyle Busch, Harvick, and Chase could win ISM/Phoenix. If Larson could either sneak a win or survive on points and make it to Homestead, he may have the championship on lockdown. It's probably his best track out of them all. Nobody's going down without a fight, though.

  6. Great! Road to martinsville!

  7. The fast cars were everywhere. I know someone passed gase low and Larson didn't give him much of a chance to move.

  8. NASCAR could have shown the 11 car upside down at the line if they have wanted to. empty seats.

  9. y’all notice Carl Long is out there as Joey Gase’s spotter? 👀

  10. Joey Gase: holy cow I’m in the thumbnail!!

  11. Being a Kyle Larson fan is almost as frustrating as being a lions fan.

  12. So happy Denny won! I thought Chase was gonna pass him for a while.

  13. Chase clutched a Ro8 spot! So glad!

  14. Ricky is getting as bad as Brian Vickers to wreck other drivers.

  15. You can take a computer and change the light anyway you want, again Nascar is the biggest cheaters in racing.

  16. The hypocrisy of Joey Logano crying about lapped traffic when he himself was 24 laps down at Dover, holding up faster, lead lap cars.

  17. Real MVP is the person that hit the caution lights at the end

  18. Feels bad for Joey Gase and the whole MBM team.

  19. I honestly thought the comment about running the wall was gonna be Larson about Gase, not the other way around

  20. One of the most Craziest Races in the Round of 12. Glad Chase made it

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