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Rahm Emanuel on Dems attacking Obama: What are they doing?

Rahm Emanuel, the former mayor of Chicago, expressed his frustration after the 2020 Democrats took aim at Barack Obama during a debate in Detroit.

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  1. Fox News, as usual, this man, has allowed access to its international media ONE OF THE MOST PROVEN DESTRUCTIVE WELL ESTABLISHED BUSINESSES FOR OVER A CENTURY to hurt The Very Defenseless Public Servants. But though he might think he has achieved what he wanted the action he took against TAXI DRIVERS will and shall haunt him his entire living on this planet, The Earth.

  2. I think there are 3 parties that are right. The democrats are right in that Obama was a poser. And Emmanuel is right that it’s nuts. The field of sanders and Harris and all the lgbtqrst are nuts. And he was right that Obama had a great chief of staff that hyped him up from a press release community organizer to a press release congressman to a press release senator. And well, he had to work a bit as President. It’s hard to just do press release only as the buck stops there . The deficit went from $9 trillion to $20 trillion in 8 years. Bush and Obama were just feeding the bankers. Or more likely the Chaney Obama clique went oink oink

  3. Obama is a war criminal, same is Trump.

  4. "The Great Society" was really The Welfare Society.

  5. a Mossad con man shilling for a Kenyan con man…look at Chicago…this man is an idiot.

  6. This smuck still dares to talk after having done nothing with the crime in Chicago.

  7. Trump is an INDEPENDENT of whom George would approve ;-)! WE need strict term limits for US COngress…

  8. Obama was more of a failure than initially thought-if he didnt run the DNC bank broke, the dems would not have been saddled with Hillary

  9. Some of leaders of Dems try everyday to hurt Trump because Trump is working only for American against their real Masters in the back of the curtain.

  10. This guys city is a sh*thouse and he didn't do a thing to change it. Why are we listening to him?

  11. BERNIE & OMAR 2020!
    B. O. 2020!!!

  12. A divided America…Putin did an amazing job!!!

  13. 지금 상황을 지켜보고 있습니까? South Korea 야당 한국당 전희경 김기태 우리당 조원진대표에게 물어보세요?

  14. Hey Rahm, the democrats have resorted to eating their own, and apparently, they're still hungry for more.
    It certainly doesn't look like they're done defacing and embarrassing themselves on the debate stage yet.
    Obama was the political tool of whomsoever wished to wield him to their ends, and all of the democrats know it, all too well.
    Hollywood is not a mirror image reflective of the hearts and minds of legally present American citizens in this great country Barry.
    It never was, just ask Smollet what he/she/or it, thinks about that erroneous belief.

  15. Obama was a left-wing Globalist. The fact that the candidates in 2019 are lambasting his legacy shows just how far left the dems have scooted.

  16. Did you guys stop doing Youtube for the weekend when El Paso happened? Weird, a white terrorist and no coverage.

  17. Just face it Omaha sucked hard and Democrats will stab anyone in the back down to the first born.

  18. Wow Groomed, Spoon Fed Lies and wants us to continued to build on that foundation.
    Great White Judgement Day, I would love to watch his hearing.

  19. They didn't know how to handle Trump in 2016 and still don't… and now they are EATING Their OWN! Life is Good!

  20. The Worst Mayor Ever Who divided the city of Chicago just like Obama did he divided the country up

  21. Of course, Rahm considers government control of our lives to be "progress."

  22. Emanuel you are a damned communist, you Dems just call it "progressive"! NO DAMNED DIFFERENCE! YOu know… If it quacks like a duck….

  23. The Democrat party is in self destruction mode! Never interfere with a fool who is in the process of destroying themselves. These people are stupid!

  24. Why do I have to look at Rahm I saw enough of him here in Chicago but in all fairness you can’t stop these nut jobs here

  25. Rahm we should be thanking Obama for giving us Trump instead of Hillary

  26. Yeah, you build bigger and bigger and bigger government to steal more and more of our money. If they left it in our pockets we could take care of ourselves.

  27. I only wanted to say,must be Ryan programming!

  28. Blah blah blah. The instant you appropriate HISTORY, the success of others good work, as a valid point for your POV, point of view, you FAILED :)_;

  29. The Obama admin was a total failure. Obama lowered standards while increasing hate and division. The Obama economy was substandard and grew at a slow rate and at 1% GDP. That is what is required to survive not thrive. We went through it and now we are rewarded with Trump and a booming economy. It took a worthless punk like Obama to make Americans need a Trump. Now balance has and is returning.

  30. ….we watched medicare wither. It ain't much without a supplemental plan.

  31. Better be careful there, Rham. If we start actually teaching history, people would find out the history of your own party.

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