Rail union rep: ‘We’re going to keep this fight moving’

AFL CIO Transportation Trades Department Chairman Greg Regan discusses rail worker demands and cultural issues within rail corporations. WATCH the live stream of ABC News here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_Ma8oQLmSM SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: https://bit.ly/2vZb6yP Watch more at http://abcnews.go. com/ LIKE ABC News on FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/abcnews FOLLOW ABC News on TWITTER: https://twitter.com/abc #abcnews #abcnlupdate #railstrike #union

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Working conditions, why don’t you jump to the lead units smell like urine and feces for the next 12 hrs of your tour with 3 hrs of sleep cause you were called on your rest and not one level of the rank “Bosses” above you cannot make a solid decision on train movement……….

    It would take me days to explain the ins and outs but I’ve watched these carriers spend $150,000,000 on one rail yard only to shut it down in 3 yrs to open it again 5 years later and say it’s the best and we’re moving forward.

    Oh those headwinds…………..

    Lies lies and more lies.
    It’s not an industry it’s a lifestyle. If ya got 20yrs,stick and stay make it pay.

    If you got 10,go find another job again.

    Eat a D$&: class 1

  2. How much of your Union Dues went right into the DNC Bank Accounts.
    You Reap what you Sow Losers🖕

  3. Does BlackRock own Union Pacific?

    Institutional ownership of UNP stands at $499.9 million shares or 81.17% of shares outstanding.

  4. If I was the head of the union, we’re striking, they deserve sick leave. look at the working conditions of left democrats ? Says it all.

  5. This is the best MSM interview I've heard on the issue. Sadly, the labor moment is almost certainly transitory. Computers will be programmed to replace as many human beings as possible and whatever jobs are left will be simplified for cheap immigrant labor, while the newly unemployed will be encouraged to dream hard, collect government subsidies, spend them on cheap crap (hauled by their former employers) and drugs that are more and more available to the hopeless, and basically give up feeling that they are a meaningful part of a larger community. When they take refuge in religion or politics they will be shot down as ignorant haters by the elite coastal dwellers who own the businesses or enable owners and are so smart that they haven't seemed to figure out what happens when the middle fails to hold. I'm not envisaging this, I'm just reporting on the past 40 years in the USA, God bless us.

  6. Lazifare. This will hurt the government in the long run. The people are watching.

  7. I'm pretty sure you could replace the conductor with an arrino board some AI software and some sensors paired with a gsm modem for networking and remote a lot of the control that AI can't handle but I mean look at the tesla car it would be simpler than what that car has to do

  8. They can't get it through the senate because they don't care.

  9. Please give money to the Non – Binary Ukrainians
    They have no voice.
    USA stands with LGBQ+ 🇺🇦 ..

  10. This entire debacle just goes to show how the democrats who claim to be so pro-union are really just liars and scammers. This should not have gone as far as it has with a democrat majority for 2 years in the congress and WH. Absolutely eye opening of any intelligent person pays attention.

  11. Here is another crook If the workers had any dignity or self-respect, they would quit. Let that scumbag Warren Buffett, fix the trains and run the railroad himself f him and congress!

  12. It just goes to show no matter if your a union member or not Republicans and Democrats are both anti labor like it or not

  13. doctor family? just 1 coffee? you see picture house? can giuoc town? near thanh that truong binh? opposite dien may thien hoa?

  14. It makes me feel so happy that this will potentially cost the billionaires so much money. I love how they still plan to fight this bill and say no to legal slavery.


  16. Good. All workers must fight the government

  17. Not sure about truck drivers, but there's not a lot of union or unity in that industry. Don't believe the non union drivers have paid sick days, not sure about the unionized ones, but think if there was a nation wide truck strike, we would be in seriously challenging times.

  18. That pompous jackass Biden thinks he's got you locked. Please show him the key. STRIKE!

  19. The Biden Administration has signaled
    (I told you this was coming 2 years ago after the Police Unions have been cut out).

  20. I will never support the democrats again but I would throw some money at a strike fund.

  21. Take your fight to Buffet’s street in Omaha.

  22. Being on call 24/7 should be outlawed. One week a month on call should be all someone should have to give. I did the 24/7 on call as an admin for an insurance company and I'll never sign up for something like that again.

  23. 15 days times hundred thousand workers on top of the 24% raises plus 2 year retro pay and a $5000 bonus. Lol that’s not greedy I don’t know what is. Railroad companies already said there is sick pays already. Can you be honest and say Union workers are underpaid. Just look at the costs that going to pass down to every thing and you wonder why we have such high inflation.


  25. The rail unions are WEAK


  27. These guys work 12 hours on, 12 hours off, 6 days a week, on call 24/7 and it's still impossible to give them a little break.

  28. You can't make people work for what they don't agree to I don't care what the government said I would strike

  29. If you want to find out the health of a nation ask a rail worker, truck driver, dockworker, farmer or fisherman.

  30. I could see when the workers get their back paid A lot of them gonna end up quitting

  31. strike! get what you deserve. the politicians and ceo’s are reaping it. i swear, the deere workers folded like a cheap suit. now the railroad people can choose, strike like our parents and grandparents would have, or lay down because you can’t take some short term financial pain like sacrificing your iphone plan. 30 years ago the uaw guys would sell their car and everything else before getting screwed!

  32. Every politician supporting these rail companies should lose their seat!

  33. Go unions! Strike!
    Let's go Brandon!

  34. I don't have paid sick leave. I don't appreciate your striking and holding us hostage for your needs. If you had gone on strike, you would have caused all kinds of chaos in our economy, and other areas in our country. Your strike doesn't give me a raise. It would cause me a certain amount of hardship. I don't want to sacrifice for you. And I don't support you at all.

  35. STOP CALLING IT A RAISE! 24% over 5 years with the democrat’s inflation isn’t even a cost of living adjustment, it’s certainly not a raise. Don’t cave, draft members of congress that vote for forced labor (aka slavery) into rail way entry level jobs. Most will be squirting tears in the 1st hour.

  36. Support labor biden! Don’t sign without sick pay!

  37. Executives willing to kneecap the economy because they don't want to give rail workers sick days…

  38. I just started working for CSX back in August every Monday at the CSX REDI Center in ATL they bring in classes of 60 conductors because the overturn rate is over 90% I'm about to quit myself NO SICK TIME ON CALL 6/7 DAYS A WEEK absent attendance policy 80 points Max 7 points per day 10 points for miss call only received 20 points taken off for good attendance after 6 months so u better not get sick or have a family emergency you're only guaranteed 1 day off per week on the extra board none on the pool board they have until 8 p.m. the day before your day off to call you for work SO if they do call cancel all your plans on your day off because you're working now 🤣once u get back home 2 days later they will give you 24 hours off instead of the required 10 hours rest to make up for your day off that u missed but after u get your regular 10 hour rest now u only have just 14 hours of your day off to enjoy 😡and they can call you 2 hours before your day off is over to report exactly at the 24 hour mark they rush us through training because they're so short-handed so majority of new hires are having derails and accidents every day I know a lot of you guys will say you get paid a lot my average annual income for right now if I keep working at CSX will be around 75k but I can work at other jobs and make close to that but with better benefits and less drama & 2 days off per week & paid sick days ONE LAST THING WE DON'T PAID PER HOUR it's BY the JOB/MILES SO THEY WILL KEEP U AT WORK 12 HOURS minimum EVERY DAY ONLY 10 HOURS OFF RIGHT BACK AT WORK TO DO ANOTHER 12 HOURS WE BE SO TIRED & SLEEPY ALL THE TIME AT WORK I'M DONE WITH CSX "labor does not contribute to profits" according to CSX so why are you guys so scared to let us strike answer that question CSX 🖕

  39. The cost will be the prospectors lead accounts. Which is a net gain for anyone, and a huge factor multiplier. The divergent investments system will be a double boom for the system health and output.

  40. Strike if need be. The federal government has no business being involved in this. They get all the vacation and sick leave you could want. Completely detached from the reality of the normal working man.


  42. Yet the ceo's are getting richer.. take care of your people.

  43. No group should be allowed to shut down vital functions of our country. That is extortion. OTOH, if then RR worker actually have no sick time already, then give it to them. Both sides should be represented in these media presentations. Just now, it is very biased towards the RR workers.

  44. This is a diversion to make USA suffer Bidens Plan

  45. Yes proceed the strike, if the deal is not satisfactory. The improvement of society came with high cost. The government shall not take away people’s right on negotiate, strike and express their voices.

  46. I hope they do strike it would cap off Bardon's presidential efforts and maybe the public will come together and have a coup. Let's take our country back from those lunatics if not then strike and tell them to kiss it.