Randi Weingarten walks away from reporter’s question on transgender students #shorts

When approached by FOX Business’ Hillary Vaughn about biological boys changing in girls’ locker rooms, American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten said ‘we want to make sure every child is safe.’


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  1. When she says every child she means only the indoctrinated ones

  2. Biological men in women’s spaces is far from safe it’s perverted and criminal

  3. Yo make sure every cold is age keep biological males from entering the safe spaces loclkerooms bathrooms change from women sports etc. give transgender people thier own space !!!! How easy is that simple give them their own sports category those own bathrooms their own change room !! It’s easy !!!

  4. What a disgusting clown show this country has become..

  5. Each public servant should be interviewed intensely and agree to uphold the rules of the position, any failure is dismissal.

  6. She's following a higher directive and the issue is money , whether you get it or not ? Not that money is " evil " but its the Love ❤of money is the root of all evil 🙈.

  7. Govt employee unions should be banned

  8. She and her partner have no children. The idea of parenthood is not in her realm

  9. The topic is AI. Just get her on another day 🤷

  10. None of them have the balls to say what should be absolutely no boys I don’t care if you’re thinking you’re a girl or whatever the case may be you don’t belong in a girls locker room just like girls don’t belong in a boys locker room

  11. All democrats dont give a crap except whats food for themselves. No God

  12. If you want your kids, safe… get them far away from this, Sicko!

  13. Why did she go to ukraine? To collect her kickback?

  14. Henry Winkler Transitioned!?

  15. Note, all the WOMen around Randi r childless lesbians.