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Rapper A$AP Rocky begins 2nd day of trial

The rapper is set to appear in a Swedish court Thursday for the second day of his three-day assault trial where if found guilty, he could spend up to two years in prison. READ MORE:

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  1. Because America is awesome and we need to start realizing that!

  2. it looks as IF Emcees will need US Troops as security overseas from this point

  3. Who cares about this individual!
    He committed what’s considered a crime in another county, so he needs to face the consequences of his stupid decisions.
    End of story. Ugh

  4. He a punk!! Look at the kids he Assault & why did they all have to gang up on him. Grow up! & in a foreign country his ass should of went to jail & treated like everyone else would’ve been charged with assault. I guess rich & famous laws don’t apply.

  5. I had a knife pulled on me overseas , scared the crap out of me. Luckily a vender I was talking to earlier came and ran the guy off was very scary, now when I'm overseas I never flash money , jewelery etc. And I don't carry wallet. Also carful who I interact with .

  6. It’s his cousin and friend that he’s locked up with know facts

  7. A€AP should be given the max time and fines A€AP is a ignorant fool he should had got the police involved sooner, but the other guy did that first lesson learn A€AP you got the ole dope on a rope routine, the pigeon drop, played homie, A€AP you're stupid

  8. The black guy being interviewed restricted himself so much so he couldn’t be fired. He knew that if he said that Sweden is pretty much a big no go zone filled with middle easterners that want to assert dominance.

  9. Founder of all hip hop but calls him ASAP.

  10. Here's a Swedish word for all of you to know: Nödvärn (yeah, I know it's got the weird dotted letters in it – but try to look past that).
    The word, in a nutshell, means "neccessary amount of protective force".
    If someone follows you, tell them not to.
    If they don't stop, call the police.
    If they shove you, try to keep them at bay.
    If they hit you, try to block the attack.
    If you have to use an actual punch or shove to keep from getting hurt, do so.
    Any and all force outside of keeping yourself from getting hurt – or more hurt – is no longer considered nödvärn (there's that word again).
    Look at the video ASAP posted… That is NOT nödvärn. That's a beatdown, and there is nothing – NOTHING – he can do or say to get out from under that pile of stupid.
    Was he being followed and provoked – I'm absolutely sure of it.
    Did he defend himself using a very excessive amount of violence – absolutely.
    Is he in the wrong here – yes.
    Should he go to jail – yeah, for a month or two, which would be about standard jail time here.
    Rule of thumb: You don't go to another country and lay the smackdown on people, provoked or not.

  11. Your only reporting this because he's Black! Are you going to be there for the two Stably white boys in Italy? Are you Bollocks.

  12. Tyga: I'm cancelling my show in Sweden!

    Sweden: 🦗🦗🦗

  13. You’re dead to me Sweden.

  14. I seen the full clip them guys was touching girls up the clip was taken down but I can link you to the person who had the full clip I seen it and I seen the guys alsow provoking him on four blocks for atleast 25mins show the girls in your clip.

  15. Why does his kind always gang up on people? Can never fight just one-on-one, they need to be in jail just for that alone.

  16. This is absolutely absurd! Trial?!?! You clearly can see he was being provoked!! I feel this was a setup all along…sombody's looking for a pay day 💰💰!!!!

  17. Will the Swedish court be leaint because he's a celebrity

  18. If you fear traveling overseas don't go. Simple ! If you fear stepping outside your own neighbour hood ie the USA don't go . He chose to travel so he understands that.

  19. Your opinion might be seen to have some bias .

  20. Two bloody foreign bastards doin shit as usual….get out from my beloved country sweden, GO HOME FFS!!!

  21. Hopefully if he's found guilty he gets time served but I don't think he should be found guilty he was being harrased

  22. It shock me how stupid you american are, these ”experts” you invite have no clue about anything

  23. Next time don’t pull your phone out and incriminate yourself lmao 🤣 🤦🏽‍♂️

  24. He should be locked up IMPERSONATING A MUSICIAN

  25. I'm confused why hasn't anyone mentioned, him trying to rectify the situation on the VIDEO…we keep seeing, When he was telling the guy, please stop we don't want to hurt you dah, dah dah, But that video is not being used to show, he didn't, want the situation to escalate???! I'm confused that they continue to skip over that….!!!??

  26. I’m too busy living my middle classed life to care… sipping on my $1 coffee, working a 9-5 and then going home to watch Netflix. Sorry, ASAP. Maybe your SOHO and Beverly Hills neighbors can help. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Or one of the “bitches” you’re f—ing. We don’t know about that life over here.

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