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Rapper Lil Uzi Vert agrees to pay for a fan's college tuition

Raheel Ahmad, a 20-year-old at Temple University, met Lil Uzi Vert at a Philadelphia mall and asked him to pay for his college tuition — to which the rapper said “yes.”


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  1. Taylor Swift gave someone $5,000?? How generous!!!

  2. ABC News just wants clout they cant name 1 song from Lil Uzi

  3. Weird because Lil uzi doesn’t even tip his servers 20%

  4. 0:52 what’s that whispering in the background..

  5. *people disliking and hating out of jealousy

  6. No way he actually went through with it😂😂

  7. Homie better not be an art history major

  8. No one:

    Harvard: Nigga you want a scholarship

  9. Yeah keep pushing satanic Lucifer worshipping "artist" on the news like they are idols to worship. GTFO of here with that!

  10. I'll believe it when the check clears!!

  11. Why is this shit on the white ass news

  12. Uzi now only gonna be 6'4 .

  13. my mom took out a student loan to go to college with 2 kids and one on the way this shit makes me sad to see what sense of accomplishment do you feel from asking someone for a handout i know schools tough nowadays but damn this is low level and to film it lol smh

  14. buy me a house and a car and my mom a house and my dad a house and my mother a new car and my dad some new teeth.

  15. lol uzi gonna give him the money after he drops atake

  16. Shit bro I got a bachelors and a masters for 70 grand pay for me!!!

  17. Multi miljonair Lil Don decided to give up his luxery life to fix millions of jobs.

  18. Bruh I’m a uzi fan and you ain’t getting a response

  19. At least the celebrities that I grow up wishing knew the importance of college and how shutdown we are. Congratulations.

  20. Reminds me of Scott's Tots.

  21. Yo uzi I need some dj equipment if I get big I’ll make a cool rap beat for ya.

  22. This is just a stunt he's not paying for anything, lol

  23. Can Rick Ross please pay my rent for a year so I can save some money so I can buy a house! 😳

  24. And they wonder how they go broke lol

  25. Remember lil uzi said he lies unless it’s him grandma or momma

  26. Praise that young man for his life choices, not that rapper(and im a hip hop fan) who's name is Lil Uzi; wonder how many murderers were inspired by his name, bought that Israeli machine gun on the streets, and committed the irreparable with his songs and lyrics as a soundtrack to a murder.

  27. So y’all couldn’t say he was gonna pay 90k while y’all could say Taylor pay 5k. smh 🤦🏾‍♂️ she barely did shit.

  28. "Im not a scum bag y'all, just remember this next time I get arrested. Ya digg"

  29. Unless that was for publicity you a fool you pay that mans fees do you see any of his people helping blacks?and you never will

  30. Niiga arabs hate blacks you a f idiot like all rappers today why?you cats have no self awareness when they give yaw a lil money pay a young blacks fees not people whom hate us

  31. I guess ask and you shall receive lol

  32. I have never heard of Lil Uzi but thats a cool gesture non the less.

  33. Wtf Wow. That's cool if he comes thru with it.

  34. Lil who?
    Sorry, I dont listen to monkey music

  35. I hope it does happen but I really don't think it will

  36. Mental toughness and focus? Nigga you asked someone for a favor

  37. Crackles and pops in the audit. Who else had to double check to make sure the audio setup was still good?

  38. So mommy is paying for this frat boys tuition. Then ask this celebrity to pay for it. Sounds deserving. Uzi couldn’t find a more worthy candidate.

  39. Raheel Ahmad already Gets FREE college from the Government because he is Not White.
    Look it up i swear to god its crazy, if you are Not white you are eligible. start with fafsa

  40. If i say my kids are fans of yours would you pay off their student dept too. I guess i have to teach my kids to boo hoo so others feel sorry for them more than work hard for what they want and need in life..

  41. Hope he doesn’t pull a Scott’s Tots!

    Verts Squirts!

  42. If you're someone with an 80 IQ and zero discernible talent, yet inexplicably make millions of dollars a year, you should be paying for other people's tuition.

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