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Rare duck for Smith as lesser lights shine | Marsh Sheffield Shield 2019-20

A rare Steve Smith duck was the unexpected final of the first day of Queensland-NSW Marsh Sheffield Shield game after Usman Khawaja, Joe Burns and Matthew Renshaw all failed to post a notable score


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  1. Steve smith is a perfect candidate for caught behind with his flimsy hands and all that movement, he gets off balanced. I'm yet to see bowling line ups bowl a consistent wide outside the off stump line to him where they are making him play and pack the slip cordon with a man back on the square cover.

  2. Unchracterise short by smithy really poor short bit rusty in last ashes test and today

  3. Doesn't matter. Smith is far better than anyone else in test cricket.

  4. News in 2020
    Gannon got selected in England ashes team

  5. Big crowd there. How long will domestic first class cricket survive?

  6. Outstanding coverage and highlights. Not sure what’s taken so long but it’s been a long time coming. Years of shitty stream quality, shitty scoreboard, no commentary and shitty/no highlights. Please keep this up for all 31 shield games this year!

    Also great to see the reception Smith got as he exited the sheds to run out and bat+no booing for him or Warner+healthy crowd.

  7. Copeland is a wicket taker i enjoyed wacthing him while he played for Northamptonshire

  8. 4:44 This is the thing for that you came to watch this video 🏏

  9. Khawaja and Labushay looked like they got bad decisions. It was good to see QLD get a few wickets before the end of session. Henriques looks rubbish now days

  10. Don't worry brothers Warner still batting

  11. cannot believe Stevensmith got duck

  12. It's all about fixing matches that's it

  13. Steve smith duck will make our mind to watch this video…Rare sight to watch ⭕️

  14. Lol crazy gannon struggled against Bermuda and canara than dominated Smith Hughes and Co cricket a funny game

  15. Kohli will change numbers soon

  16. it proves he is not god of cricket

  17. Labuschagne was done absolutely dirty. Hit him on the edge of leg stump, going down by a mile

  18. Don't worry he is King of international matches

  19. I'll make ur work easier..go to 4:43 …don't forget to like

  20. Steve will analyse this and change work on this as hard as possible, and improve hugely

  21. Usman Khawaja LBW was higher than Travis Scott! LOL

  22. Labuschagne got dudded. Missing leg by a mile.


  24. 4.40 is the biggest load of bullshit ive ever seen umpire should be hung.

  25. Princess Smith…🤣🤣🤣

  26. Do CA livestream the games like they do in UK?

  27. Well! Now that ashes is over, Warner should be able to make runs 😎🏏🐰💃

  28. You watching first time steven smit duck out like here.

  29. 4 runs through running happens only in Australia.

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