Rare syndrome shown to link tick bites and red meat intolerance

New guidance highlights the potential dangers of tick bites as some people are reportedly dealing with food allergies to animal products like red meat. NBC’s Dr. Akshay Syal explains what this rare sickness is and lays out the symptoms people can look out for if they have been bitten. 

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  1. Not new (discovered 20 years ago). Not rare. Can also includes allergic reaction to pork and dairy. You REALLY do not want this. Ask me how I know. Also—poor explanation on how to avoid getting tick bites.

  2. This is a little misleading. It's not just an allergic reaction to red meat, but any mammal meat.

  3. Threaten conservative with being allergic to beef. Their biggest fear.

  4. This guy should really know what a lone star tick is before he comes on national TV as a medical expert about alpha-gal syndrome. They are bigger than deer ticks, and the females have a prominent white dot on their backs (in adult stage, not sure about immature stages). They are very common. When I lived in South Texas and in South NJ, they seemed to be the most common tick I'd pull off my dog or myself.

  5. Animal proteins are bad for humans, yet people are being tricked into eating animals.

  6. NBC news couldn’t find a Specialist and opted for a TV doctor😢

  7. Nothing to do with Pfizer im sure.

  8. Governments work sounds more like their poisoning the foodb

  9. I thought this was already known?

  10. Yeah, that's what happens when you get the wrong gal, in your life!

  11. I got bitten by a vegan and now I'm allergic to gluten free foods

  12. ChronicCowTickChickFlicks?

  13. These ticks escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

  14. I'm vegan and grinning maniacally from the corner grinch hands

  15. Rain really brings the ticks out so this should be a bad year on the west coast.

  16. Agenda to scare people off eating meat.

  17. Alpha-gal is not new and it's not rare. I had Lyme, I cut red meat out of my diet in 2012, and the improvement was obvious and immediate. This allergy is not a permanent thing, I got so additional testing for post-Lyme stuff in 2017 and I no longer had the antibodies. So there's a test as part of a normal blood draw and if you're positive you're stuck with poultry and fish for a few years while it fades.

  18. Good thing we don’t need to eat meat

  19. Except it's actually NOT new. It's been around for decades and so has the sensitivity to starches from lymes disease.

  20. Nullify Republican. Nazis. They. Are. N. U. T. S. 🌰😎✌🏼

  21. 十问美国司法部和FBI
    Ten questions for the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI